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    Star San Price increase

    I just stopped by midwest and tried to buy a bottle of star san and it was 24.99 for the large bottle! What happened? I checked the NB catalog and it's listed at 15.99 and since they are the same owners now. Anyone have a recipe to make it yourself?
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    BJCP Competition Results

    35 points is an great score, I would say it's going to be in top 5 of any normal judging round. What style was it, what were the ratings of the judges, what was the feed back they gave you? In a normal flight of 25 your going to have 2-3 teams of judging, every other beer, and the placement...
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    Yorkshire Square yeast WLP037

    Welcome to the world called "finings", almost all beers have some form of fineing or filtering. The Mild you brewed if done in England would have some Isinglass added as a fining agent, it becomes part of the flavor profile too. The most common fining is Irish Moss, which is added to the boil.
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    Woohoo! My 2nd brew is in primary!

    Two days to ramp up is going to introduce some off flavors, that's why most people have some dry yeast that they can use if it takes too long. "Some off flavors" means that some one who knows like a beer judge would be able to tell there is a problem. It doesn't mean that a normal brewer will be...
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    Yeast Starter/Overpitching Question

    I would go with what you have, It's plenty of yeast.
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    Quick question on WYeast Liquid

    The internal packet is there to show you that you have live yeast. just break it and leave it set on the counter, don't put it back in the refrigerator. Most people will do it the night before.
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    Hop combinations to avoid!!!

    Well Liberty is descended from the noble hop family, so it's right at home with the lagers, it's quite clean and very hard to come by for home brewers, the last thing I would want to do is mix liberty with a "Big C family Hop", it's going to get lost. As for the columbus simco debate above...
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    Olden Days Beer?

    I am making lot's of session beers, Like a Mild split into 5 batches. or a light blond with fruit extract, nothing over 3.0. from a ten gallon batch to 25 gallons of session beer. I just did one with a huge difference in hops that took some fooling with, but it works. I made 10 gallons of Kolsch...
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    High FG in a Milk Stout

    You could also use the white labs version. It will restart fermintaion and drop the fg near .05 the sweetness will be gone. but it will not be a milk stout, more like a Dry stout.
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    vanilla bourbon porter question

    I ask Denny Conn what's best. I have used the second method myself where I add the beans to the secondary and bourbon to taste. It's all about tasting along the way to get balance.
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    Bourbon Barrel Effect

    You need to soak the wood in bourbon for a couple of weeks, and use a very small amount. I use less than an 1.oz for 15 gallons. It's extremely easy to over do it. Then Taste it: you can always add more but you can't take it away.
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    ISO Great Grain Selection Online

    What they are talking about is the specific Malts they use at the brewery, Each area in the country has it's own malt suppliers. So, I would go with what you can get locally, I would substitute any brand of "marris otter" Fawcett Optic: Rahr or Bries pale. the Simpsons crystal malts and naked...
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    Kolsch- Too high fermentation temps

    It will just be a little bit estry\fruity.
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    Make beer while the sun shines

    I don't know about what the weather will be like but I do know if your brewing in the sun make sure to keep the direct sun light off of the brewing beer. It takes as little as 10 min of direct sunlight to skunk a beer so you can taste it. This is important only after you add the hops though. so...
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    Hop combinations to avoid!!!

    I think it's a matter of mixing style categories. Which I think of as "The C's" = Citirus; "Nobel" which are the German noble type and then the "resiny" which are the English hops. I don't mix between the familys in a same beer. Then there are some hops that I just don't like at all like...
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    Super confused!!!!!!

    What to do with carboys? They just become one of the collection. I think I am at 11 right now, most of them are full all the time, I only do primary fermentations and I love to age big beers.
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    How to add a lime flavor to a blonde ale?

    I just made a great lime "berliner wesse" the trick is to make your own extract. You can make lime extract with the peels from 6 large limes in a jar add 2 oz of vodka cover with water and let stand for 2 weeks. Then decant the liquid and add it to your beer tasting along the way, simple.
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    New Belgium La Folie

    Save it for another 10 years and then sell it on e-bay you will make a bundle. It's better with age, I have tried the old stuff and it was great young, can imagine what it would be like with 6 years on it. The new capped type is [email protected]$ compared to cork and caged stuff. .
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    Which yeasts truly make the beer?

    If your looking for names of the yeasts that make very different tastes and therefore make good beers. These are my favorites with taste descriptions Heffe 3068 Banana and clove Irish Estry British-English Estry Scottish smokey and sweet...
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    Jamil's Irish Red with Rahr 2-row?

    Will it be a good beer with all Rahr 2-row yes, But if you want the complexity of continental malts, you need to use continental malts. i have made a compromise mix of 10% melanoidin malt, 20% marris Otter, 70% Rahr 2-row, it's very close to using weyerman or straight Marris Otter.