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    Dogfish Head 60 minute

    Dogfish head definitely has good beers, but they are a bit too much on the wallet. I usually try them all, but I don't buy them regularly. If you want a darn good IPA for a good price then you can't go wrong with Hop Rod Rye. That's one of my favs and it's usually under $5.00 a bomber. Titan...
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    Uh oh... my porter might be going south on me...

    Hello, Well, I took a gravity reading after about a week in the primary. I went ahead and tasted a sample and it seems as if it's going south. It's EXTREMELY bitter. It's a bit dissapointing because it had such a vigorous fermentation. Usually after a week I can tell where a brew is heading...
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    what are some versitle hops?

    Holy crap!!!!! HopsDirect is a lot cheaper! Like $5.50/lb for chinook and others... Freshops is like $11.50 lb for any hops. Thanks a lot for the tip!
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    what are some versitle hops?

    yeah it does depend on style... but I like to brew just about every style out there :) thanks for the tip, i'll check out hopsdirect! How long would you say hops stay good if frozen?
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    what are some versitle hops?

    I am thinking about placing a good sized order from, but if i'm gonna buy a couple pounds of hops I am going to try and get some that are pretty versitile. Which hops do you find that you use a lot?
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    'K, I'm bottled. Now what

    yeah, waiting sux. I usually sample a few a week :) I brewed a stout once that turned out excellent! It was even good flat (to me anyways). I drank too many of them before they were actually conditioned. I gave 3 to my buddy and told him to hide them from me, so I could forget about them...
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    No water in airlock

    Ah, you'll be fine.
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    little trub in secondary

    How much beer do you think you lost? If you lost a significant amount then you might lower the amount of priming sugar... otherwise I would just stick with the standard 3/4 cup of sugar. I don't think you'll have any problems with the small amount of trub. Some people don't even rack to a...
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    Homebrewed Malt Vinegar

    Interesting... never thought about making vinegar. Gonna have to try this!
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    How can I brew a powerful IIPA with via partial boil?

    Hello, For my next beer I want to brew a powerful IIPA. By powerful I mean hops, HOPS, HOPS! (sorry, I LOVE hops). The problem is that I can only do partial boils at the moment and we all know good and well that with partial boils you get less hop utilization. Should I... Do the late malt...
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    When to move to secondary based on air-lock activity?

    hello, I was just wondering when you guys usually move to secondary? I go based on the air-lock and typically I wait til the bubbles are about a minute apart. Just out of curiosity, when do you guys usually move it to secondary?
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    First Attempt...No Talent

    looks good!
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    Homebrewing speech

    Hey, no matter what the teacher gives you... from us you get an A++!! Preach the word!
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    Imperial IPA Recipe

    You wouldn't happen to have an extract version of this would ya? I absolutely LOVED dreadnaught when I tasted it at a local beer festival. Unfortunately you can't get it in Colorado... But man, that was a helluva beer.
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    Debate my buddy and I had. Is extract brewing REALLY making homebrew?

    Ah another thing I meant to mention. This guy, although he does AG is not a very good brewer at all. Oftentimes either him or I will bring beers to work on a friday to share with the guys and gals after work. Last time he brought in an ESB and it COMPLETLEY lacked any carbonation what-so-ever...
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    Debate my buddy and I had. Is extract brewing REALLY making homebrew?

    Okay, the guy in question (his name is Nick) actually works with me. I brought up a couple of the points that you guys brought up. I told him "Well, since you don't grow your own hops, grains...etc then that means you're not a real homebrewer either" and he replied with something along the lines...
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    Went on a vacation, came back enlightened (about beer)

    Yeah, that's pretty much the homebrewers Bible... it's essential!
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    questions about kegging...

    Okay, I am thinking about getting into kegging my beer. First, the store by my house sells this kit is that a good deal? Some more questions I have... How many 5 gallon batches of beer can I expect to draw with...
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    Secondary Fermentation

    yeah I always sample when I move to secondary. My wife thinks I'm nuts.