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    Debating Electric Vs Propane in a Townhouse Brewery

    Hey all, For the last year I've been doing partial boil extracts in my kitchen, my goal this year is to go AG and I'm trying to decide how to invest my limited budget. I live in a end unit townhome with a small yard and know HOA so I'm pretty lucky with that. however I do not have space...
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    LHBS Homemade Kits

    I figured that out when I got home on both counts. Next time I'll do what I usually do buy raw ingredients and use a recipe I trust
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    LHBS Homemade Kits

    FYI It is 5 gallons & I do plan on dry hopping, Should I use pellets or whole hops?
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    LHBS Homemade Kits

    I was looking for about 7% ABV and 60+ IBU I figured with it being an IPA You would need the malt sweetness to balance the hops. As for the sugar that, was just to push it that last little bit to 7%
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    LHBS Homemade Kits

    I'm not a big user of kits but, I was looking to brew my first Hop forward beer and I thought I would do an IPA for a friend as opposed to the porters I drink. I asked the LHBS what they would recommend and they gave me there home built Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Kit. I was in a rush so I grabbed it...
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    As a beginner do you feel your beer is not as good?

    I had a photography instructor who told us all to look at 10,000 pictures before submitting a portfolio for review. In his book "Outliers" Malcolm Gladwell postulates that it takes about 10,000 hours to become exceptional at something. That's a lot of time and unless your 8 batches took a lot...
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    Where can I get 6g SS pot and not spend a fortune?

    You can try here. This company runs a lot of restaurant related businesses here in central PA and I've had a great experience dealing with them.
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    Vanilla bourbon porter issue

    My goal with the oak cubes was the same as I have with salt in food. I didn't want overpowering oak flavor but I wanted something to be missing if the oak was gone. I left a few bottles unoaked and I think I succeeded. The Reason I used 2 Bourbons is because that's what I had. MY FIL would...
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    Spiced Porter

    I just put two Tbsp. in the boil, I figure I can always throw some more into secondary.
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    Oops I forgot the Malodextrin

    So I bought the brewers best pumpkin spice porter yesterday and brewed it today. The kit comes with 6.6#'s of Porter (Dark LME) extract and 8oz's of Malodextrin. I added 3.3#'s of pilsen LME to make this a baltic porter. I unfortunately forgot the malodextrin. So what should I do...
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    vanilla steeping

    Most of the flavor compounds your after in a vanilla bean are alcohol soluble. This why pure vanilla extract has alcohol in it. I just posted this in another thread, here's what I put into my Vanilla Bourbon Baltic Porter Racked to secondary onto 16 oz of burbon 8oz's of wild turkey 8oz of...
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    Vanilla bourbon porter issue

    Just a suggestion, rather than extract you can soak the vanilla beans in the bourbon. Here's my notes from my Vanilla Bourbon Porter below. Racked to secondary onto 16 oz of burbon 8oz's of wild turkey 8oz of knob creek Bourbon had 2 vanilla beans, split and halved soaking in it for...
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    Spiced Porter

    So I was at the LHBS minding my own business when I was attacked by a brewers best pumpkin spice porter kit. Well I subdued it and brought it home. I don't use kits and I've only made 1 kit so I have a few questions. 1 The instructions say to add the whole spice packet. The packet is 2.5...
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    Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    Found a 10G cooler on craigslist the other day and I picked up the HW at lowes tonight. Looking 1 step closer to AG
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    Got me a Mashtun

    1 more piece of gear closer to going AG. I picked up a 10 gallon Igloo beverage cooler (Never used) from craigslist today for $25.00
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    Getting ready to do an all grain batch looking for a burner

    I have 3 or 4 beers I want to brew this year and I am on tight budget. I have almost everything I need to do AG except a burner. I do however have a lowes gift card unfortunately the only turkey fryer they are currently selling is this one I'm assuming this would be useless for homebrewing...
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    Craigslist is awesome

    I got a great deal on bottles 4.5 cases (2cases still with homebrew in them) and I just found a really nice lawnmower for $75.00
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    Final gravity for a porter

    My porter finished a 1.011 which is a little low but according to BTP 1.016 is about as high as you want. I've learned the best thing I can do with my beer is forget about it. I have to put iCal reminders in so that I know when it should go to the next stage and I never even look at it for the...
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    About to try and brew my 1st batch, but need some help.

    Fermentation creates a layer of Co2 in the bucket, since it's heavier than air, no air can get in. Also the cherries look fine to me, maybe slightly macerated, they've been soaking in a low level Alcohol solution. It's like putting strawberries in wine.
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    Ego boost

    FYI my volume came from Denny Conn who used 10ml per pint so you can math it from that.