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  1. J

    Pappy`s Pub Cider - Award Winner!

    What is the average final gravity?! Mine is at 1.020 and still too sweet
  2. J

    Cider troubles

    Yeah, surprisingly enough it still smells ok, haven't been brave enough to taste it. I think it may have been too cold for that yeast now that I think about it. We generally keep the house on the cool side, but it's been in a corner that's typically a lot cooler than the other parts of the...
  3. J

    Cider troubles

    no, it was with "ryans cider" it's from a town called hood river here in oregon. it has no preservatives, its really good stuff.
  4. J

    Cider troubles

    Haven't posted in a while, and this is not close to my first batch of cider but I'm having some trouble with a current batch of cider. I used 5 gallons of cider, half a cup of white and half a cup of brown sugar, along with 1/4 cup of raw honey. I pitched a pack of wyeast sweet mead/cider...
  5. J

    What's the purpose of secondary fermentation with dry cider?

    I used secondary to add fruits to my cider so that I can incorporate those flavors without extra fermenting of the added sugars from said fruits
  6. J

    Vanilla-Spice Pumpkin-Apple Cider

    Sounds tasty!
  7. J

    Adding fruit to cider

    I have added berries in both the primary from the start and fresh berries when I rack into the secondary. I only use 6 gallon better bottles and it isn't too tough to deal with the opening, though I can imagine with the smaller necks of glass carboys it's somewhat difficult.
  8. J

    Fresh berries for flavor in secondary?

    What exactly do I need to stop the fermentation in the secondary?
  9. J

    Fresh berries for flavor in secondary?

    I was planning on trying to stop the secondary fermentation, but it wouldn't be the end of the world either way.
  10. J

    Fresh berries for flavor in secondary?

    That's basically what I'm looking for!!! Thank you. Might go buy another 16oz of blackberries for a total of 32oz in the secondary, along with the calypso hops, should turn out fantastic. I'm letting it ferment dry, making those additions in the secondary, than force carbing in the keg.
  11. J

    Fresh berries for flavor in secondary?

    So I have 5 gallons of cider in my primary sitting at just above 1.000. I put 5 gallons of juice and 16oz of blackberries in the primary around 4 weeks ago. My plan is to add another 16oz of fresh blackberries and 1/2 oz or calypso hops to the secondary, I plan on freezing/soaking the...
  12. J

    1st Hard Cider Brew Starts Tomorrow!

    Did you get the rhino farts? I know I sure as hell did using that yeast :D
  13. J

    Hobbyist welder looking to help

    I did too, went to job corps (basically the same thing) about 11 years ago. I'm super rusty on my stainless tig, decent with aluminum tig, but pretty damn good with the dual shield
  14. J

    Hobbyist welder looking to help

    That's some pretty solid ss tig for someone who does this as a "hobby"
  15. J

    First Sample Photo!

    Too much hops? That's absurd, I don't think there is such a thing :p Had 9oz of hops in my last iipa.
  16. J

    Sample tastes great; beer tastes awful

    What's your recipe/processes? How long does it ferment for and how long does it age in the leg?
  17. J

    Apple and Blackberry Cider.

    Yes!!! strawberry/black berry cider. Turned out great, needs a while to mellow because it's a little stronger. Great berry flavor
  18. J

    Is this called partial boil?

    Possibly. I think what partial boil is referring to is say, boiling 3.5 gallons of wort and than after it's done add the last 1.5gal to bring the total volume up to 5gal.
  19. J

    Am I crazy? Racking hard cider to secondary on apples?

    Don't see why not, I did a primary on strawberries/black berries than racked on top of more bb/sb in a secondary.