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    Doubling Down: SS Brewtech Conical + FTSS + Glycol Power Pack

    Thanks @Morrey. Do you mind sending the contact info for the guy who did the TC end cap for you? You are showing a mesh tube....does he sell those too? I bought one from eBay (China) and boy was that sucker a piece of cheap junk.
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    Yeast Volume Info

    Hi @Morrey. I have about a dozen of those WLP tubes you are talking about. I have them in a box, and I had figured they may come in handy one day. I'll send them to you if you don't mind covering the postage costs to you. Enjoy.
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    Has home brewing changed your tastes in beer?

    Maybe I am not the best person to say this but since I am a relatively new brewer, I am so excited about trying new beers that I don't have time to stay with one all the time. I want to try them all. Maybe in a few years I'll settle on a few recipes to call my house favorites. Thanks for...
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    Hefe ferm temps with 3068

    I'd like to get some notable banana in my next Hefe, and while noting WY says the range can go up to 75F, I am very skeptical of going that high. What temp will do this w/o going overboard? Will 70F be too high?
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    What All Grain Method Do You Use?

    Truth be known I sold off most of my equipment and kept my burner and boil kettle. Shifting to BIAB is saving me lots of time and my beers are consistent with both systems.
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    WY2112 Fermentation Temp Suggestions

    Jamil Z suggested 62F in an article I read in BYO. Hope that helps.
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    Anchor Steam Styled Beer - Need Ca/SO4 ratio

    May I request suggestions for suitable numbers? Would I want the chloride up a bit to emphasize the malt character? Not sure how to go about this first time brew.
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    Brett C (WLP645) as Primary Yeast (Problems?)

    Honestly, I don't think you are having a problem. Since you made a beautiful starter, you are experiencing the result of doing a good job on that phase of the brew. I'll bet you will be done in less than 10 days. How are you sampling your SG? I hope you are not taking your fermenter lid on...
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    Brix to SG for Refractometer Readings

    Saw this post, sorry I cant throw a formula on ya but I would like to see how to do this too.
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    First NE IPA

    Excellent. I don't suppose this "Juicy" IPA will be around long. It would be better if it can hit the full carb volume you intended, so see if you can stretch it out that long...hehe.
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    AB acquired Wicked Weed

    WW Funkatorium is my favorite place in Asheville NC. Darn I hope the causal visitor won't see or know the difference. I heard form a friend that the global home brew market created over one billion dollars in revenue. That is enough $$ for the big boys to want some of.
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    Fruit Addition Dilemna Resolved

    Would you mind sending a PM and share ordering information? This is what I have been looking for.
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    Pineapple Extract

    I think we all agree that flavor extracts can be really artificial tasting and plain out terrible. There are, however, extracts used by commercial brewers that are actually excellent. I had a large company's brewmaster tell me they used pineapple extract with great success. Well, we probably...
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    Hop basket micron size

    I am wondering "speculating" that by forcing whirlpool wort into that basket, is this whirl pool force clogging the screen by forcing trub into the pores and causing a clog? Thinking out loud?
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    New England IPA hater

    I hesitate to say anything about the taste as I have never had a NE IPA. Just on looks alone it looks like the first pour from a keg when you have all that funky trub settlement come out in the first pint or two. Hummmm
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    Why I am losing so much water in boil?

    I saw someone ask if you used a lid? I thought that was a no-no?
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    New to BIAB, Feedback Please

    After many extract batches (with steeping grains) I made the wholesale move to BIAB two brews ago. Brew one was an ESB with pre-milled grains and got an eff of 70%. I used Wyeast 1968 and the starter I made looked funky like chunks of yeast that never did smooth out. The post fermentation...
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    US-05 Storage

    Great, I feel confident to move forward with this sachet. I have a sachet of 05 in the fridge that will be a backup. Thanks kind folks. Oh yes, rehydrate for sure!
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    i want to make a sour ipa

    Kevin, kettle souring a Gose is not as intimidating as it sounds. Use US-05 and the ferment temp is 67F. Omega Labs has a lacto OYL-605 that sours the wort at room temps, so the process is very easy. There is a HBT member on here call sign "Morrey". He has an active thread going on now...
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    i want to make a sour ipa

    I love Gose beers, make them often, and in my opinion hops and lacto sour does not play well together. Some Gose brewers omit hops totally while others keep IBU low such as around 8. BUT, here is an experiment to prevent a large scale failure regarding taste profiles. Take a bottle or pint...