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    acid low

    yes you are all right and i am way wrong!!! The acid is measured on test papers ,brand new, the s.g is measured with a hydrometer. My only thought on that piece of equipment is its age, so it may be giving a false reading. My test batch of two gallons was with a mixture of eaters and 5 or 6...
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    acid low

    I have just pressed two gallons of mixed apples (no cider varieties) and have a ph of less than 2.8 and an s.g of 1025. before pressing out all 200 kgs of fruit what should i add to the juice to increase acidity? I know i can add sugar to up the s.g. Do i really need to adjust it , what can...
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    mixing fruit

    As i am just about to press for the fist time i would like to know if it is better to mix the fruit before pressing or blend the juices after pressing so that acid levels can be blended correctly. several apple varieties will be used ,none of the cider types unfortunately.