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    Should I bottle

    Hey Everbody!! It's been a while since I've posted or replied to anything (I've been Lurking), but I need some help!!!! I brewed a chocolate stout a month ago. Two weeks in primary and two in the secondary, and I'm ready to bottle.....I think. I've been having some really weird problems...
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    Possible stuck fermentation?

    What is the FG you're targeting? It does sound like you're stuck, but patients is definitely necessary. I'd let it go for several more days before taking any action besides an occasional good swirling. I've posted before that I had a stuck fermentation, and to remedy I was advised to...
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    S l o w fermenting

    I've had a stuck fermentation in the past, and here's how I got past it. 1. Aquarium aerator. Cost me about $5 to get the set-up at the pet store. Sanitize - submerge - and let it go for 5 - 10 minutes. 2. Yeast nutrient I bought at the LHBS. It was less than $2. I did both of these...
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    Star San safety and hop storage

    I was elbow deep in the stuff today. It drys out my skin a bit, but other than that I've had no problems. I keep a kitty litter bucket full of the stuff to strip the paint off of stone/corona bottles (thanks EdWort). I've never had any problem storing hopps in any form in the freezer in...
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    Adding stuff during fermentation

    Yes. The fermentation has created a pocket if CO2 on top of the wort. I'm still fairly new, so I'm not sure if spices or things of that nature need to be treated/sanitized before adding it, but there is definatlly no problem with removing the airlock once and a while
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    To bottle or not to bottle??

    lmao - good chuckle to start my long day at work, thanks.
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    Stone clone in the secondary

    I have a Stone Ruination Clone from AHS in my secondary now. It was two weeks to get through primary and its dryhopping along right now. For somthing this big and bitter, should I let it go a little longer in the secondary than the standard two weeks?
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    Aerating the wort...

    I bought a $5.00 aquarium pump and a long piece of 3/16" plastic hard tube from the local everything store. I sanitize the stone and the tube and aerate the heck of of the wort when i get done transferring from the kettle. I'll let it go for 5 to 10 minutes and it works great. I...
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    Best starters kit?

    holly crap Moon, can you say sticky! Great post. My only thoughts are that recipe kits are valuable when trying to clone a comercial beer the first time (expecially from AHS), then put it together yourself, and hydrometer is almost a must have.
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    Weird fact from HBS True?

    Auto siphons basically work like a hydraulic piston. It comes in two pieces - basically a racking cane inside of a larger tube. You put the assembly in the beer, draw the racking cane up to fill the larger tube with beer, and push it down. I love mine!! Try moving the beer about 45 minutes...
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    Making the leap!

    That's a pretty high OG. I would make a starter. If you decide not to, the fermentation will probably not take off as fast as it could. This is not a big deal, but like the Yooper, us Michiganders like using starters.
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    Dry hopping's effect on IBU

    I don't know if there is an easy question to answer, but if anybody can, I know i'm in the right place. Does dry hopping have an effect on IBU's? If so, how do you calculate? I've got a stone ruination clone in the primary now, and its going to get 1/2 oz. of centennial in the secondary...
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    apfelwein fermentation temps

    Try wrapping a towel around it and putting a couple of 2X4's underneath it (if is directlly on a cement floor). In my basement that will give me a few extra degrees.
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    Broke thermometer and hydrometer

    I ended up with backup thermometer and hydrometer as part of a ebay deal to get a benchtop capper. I figure the fact that I already have backups is the only reason I havn't broken anything yet!!
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    Michigan LHBS Lessons?

    Brewmasters of MI located in Milford holds free classes. I've been to the store a few times and they are pretty good, but there hours are only in the evening and weekends. Very friendly, and good service. They also run a club out of there.
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    It's definatlly contaminated.....once it's done, bottle it and PM me so I can give you an address to send it to so I can dispose of it for you. Just trying to help.
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    Dry Hopping question

    Dry hop when you transfer to the secondary. You should sterilize any grain bags or weights like marbles if you are using them, but the hops themselves won't allow any bacteria or other undesirables to grow on them, so you just put them in as is.
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    Not enough water added for top off

    Your beer will end up fine. Don't sweat the minor mistakes you made, and learn from them for next time. What I do when I get a new carboy is pour 1 gallon at a time into it and mark it with a paint marker (that I did not steal from work - I swear). This way I know exactally where I'm at at...
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    yeast question

    So I have a gift certificate to AHS and an extra packet of safe-ale US-05 American ale yeast. I want to get a kit from AHS and use the yeast I have. Would this yeast be appropriate for and IPA (like the Stone Ruination IPA)? If not, what are some styles it would work for? Thanks for the...