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    IT Managers that Homebrew?

    Jim you should post more.... But yes I am the customer, I deal with Jim daily. His company has some of the fastest turn around on orders I've ever saw. Free shipping is a plus! We have bought everything from Laptops to UPS, to Racks to servers. Also it's nice to talk about beer and not...
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    wife wants smirnof ice clone

    My wife makes those island mist wine kits, we have a batch in secondary now waiting for an empty keg, to carb it up! This will be our first carbed wine lol
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    Show Us Your Label

    Awesome! I would love for my wife to challenge me to a brew off....She helps with the brew though! So thats alot more then a lot of guys! :rockin:
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Amber Ale for me
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    IPL? (India Pale Lager)

    Cool....going to start working out a recipe for hopped up helles!
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    IPL? (India Pale Lager)

    IS there such a thing? I have been kicking around the idea to try it.... and IPA fermented with Lager yeast. I have the equipment to control temps.....But would it be worth the effort? Would a light clean hoppy lager be good? I can see some pros and cons...
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    Chewing the Fat: Sam Calagione of Dogfish interview Head

    Also my favorite quote from the article....
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    Dry hop potentialy overhopped CDA?

    THATS RIGHT!!! :rockin::rockin:
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    I love my job!!!

    I know it's tough....I pass it every day....sadly....on my way into work...However, I am going there for lunch Friday with a friend..... Just 1 Westmalle Triple wont hurt right? :mug:
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    I love my job!!!

    God I have wanted to so many time...>We have a great little bar near my work with 100 different beers and 15-20 taps....I'd go there more often if I could get a beer during lunch lol Ohhh they have great food too LOL
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    800psi to 600psi overnight???

    My co2 tank is too big to fit in the fridge....I use a 50lb tank....I've been using it now for ummm hrmmmmm almost a year....and my gauge has barely moved from 900psi where it was when I put the regulator on it the day I had it filled. I have a 5lb backup too JIC!
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    Keezer "5ive"

    Good progress so far!
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    Show Us Your Label

    A Winter Warmer I have fermenting.
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    Running low (aka how do you get a pipeline?)

    How do you clean the sanke after you ferment? Is it no more pita then a 6 gal carboy to clean?
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    Hefeweizen Help

    Go for it!
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    Would this burner work for AG?

    From Blichmann's site....Something to keep in mind when burner's not always how many BTU's the burner is... But the burner you picture I guess would work...but it's gonna take a while to boil....depending on volume.
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    CL Find, tell me what you think

    Fills for me at $16 one day a week (12 miles from the house), or I can exchange for $20 at the corner store 2 miles away, any day of the week....I exchange... I paid $30 for my pair of turkey fryers.....I use the Blichmann money i've spent on home brewing!
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    Homebrewing too popular???

    I agree... If I meet another brewer, I want to trade beer!! I want your onions on mine, and vice versa.
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    How many Cornies do you own?

    3....Asking for 2-3 more for Christmas....