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    Cream Ale 1.001 Need help with body!

    I've used a very small amount of dissolved malic acid in hard cider once i keg it to help with mouthfeel
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    Lindemans Framboise

    I had good luck withthis
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    3 way co2 manofold

    I need a 3 way co2anifold shipped to 95678. Thanks
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    Cleaning Cycle! What am forgetting?

    Take apart and clean beer faucets. Over time mine will collect yeast or some sort of gunk.
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    Lots of equipment for sale

    I'd be interested in the refractomitor. Shipped to 95648.
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    Ball Lock Gas-In Post and popit

    Thanks for the info. I updated my listing asking for a fireatone gas in port. That will thread onto a 3/8 flare firing. I got the idea from a thread about dyi beer line cleaner with a hand pump.
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    Ball Lock Gas-In Post and popit

    Thanks for the suggestion. The Gas In post will be on the outside of my kegerator , as long a fits it's a ball lock post it'll work.
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    Ball Lock Gas-In Post and popit

    I'm looking for a firestone ball lock gas in post and popit. Thanks Nathan
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    Left Copper Chiller in Star San, Safe to Use? Pics Attached

    The same thing happened to me. I soaked the chiller in hot water and PBW for a few hours then used those green scrubbers. Cleaned up perfect
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    Recommendations on a quick beer to appeal to the masses

    To help a proper amount of yest in a starter will speed things up.
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    wtb. propane regulator and hose

    After many years of service my propane regulator started to leak. I need one fast and no store keeps them in stock. Anyone have one to sale?
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    (2) 5 gallon sankeys for (2) ball lock kegs

    Thanks for the interest. I have a local person that I will be making the trade with.
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    Brewing the beer for a Company BBQ, what should I brew?

    You can never go wrong with Cream of 3 Crops
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    (2) 5 gallon sankeys for (2) ball lock kegs

    I have two 5 gallon sankeys. Both hold pressure I just don't have a use for them. I want to trade localy for two working ball lock kegs. I'm in Roseville, CA Thank you
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    Group buy in sacramento

    I just called certified foods they no longer sell malted barley.
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    Group buy in sacramento

    I would also be interested in a group grain buy. There is a new Homebrew club they may also be interested in a brewmeister group grain buy
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    I need to quick carb

    As long as you shook the keg when it was cold. After shaking the keg I would set the regulator to what your serving psi is . Cold beer absorbes co2 fast.
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    Roseville, CA NEW Homebrew shop

    Its called The Brewmeister. 1031 Junction Blvd Suite 802 Roseville. They are the same people that have Folsom Brewmeister. I don't work for them, its just a great shop that just opened.
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    Sierra Nevada Summerfest

    The beer at this point is 35 degrees. I set the c02 to 20psi and shake it on its side up and down vigorously for about 2 min. Then set the regulator to 8 psi and let it sit for a few hours.