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    Forgot to Sanitize my Secondary!!!

    So far, so good. Tasted it and its fine today. I think I may weather this. Thanks for the therapy fellas!
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    Forgot to Sanitize my Secondary!!!

    Thanks for the help fellas. I will let it go and see if I get lucky.
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    Forgot to Sanitize my Secondary!!!

    So, in the heat of fending off my little daughters and trying to get my beer transferred to the secondary, I rinsed the carboy secondary, but forgot to sanitize it! What are my chances of losing this batch? Its pretty high alcohol (ruination all grain clone), but I am worried that I just...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Just finished a batch of Ed Wort's Stone IPA. I didnt have time to do a full 90 minute boil, but the gravity was close and another AG under my belt. This is the first batch I have racked onto a yeast cake. I made a Ruination IPA last weekend and moved it to the secondary to get at the yeast...
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    Having difficulty finding a good recipe for a golden IPA

    How did that beer turn out for you? I stopped brewing this summer because of time constraints and hop prices. Now that hops are coming in lower, I am going to start brewing again. Greg
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    Witbier Blue Balls Belgian Wit (Blue Moon Clone)

    Yeah, I know. Time is short around here with three kids and training for a century ride.
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    first all grain, what a cluster %#@!

    I have about 6 AG batches under my belt now, and I still mess up something :) I like the beer I make, but sometimes my lower efficiency means I just add another pound or so of grains to the mash. With the exception of a few low gravities, I have been pretty happy. If I can just figure out how...
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    Witbier Blue Balls Belgian Wit (Blue Moon Clone)

    Hey Bier, Thanks for the recipe and the ingredient help. I have it now sitting nicely in my fermenter. It blew out the top a bit, but not enough to blow the bubbler off :) I am darned thankful for rice hulls. Those things kept the sparge drain going despite the thick arse mash. Cant wait...
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    Having difficulty finding a good recipe for a golden IPA

    I really REALLY like beers like Mojo IPA and Avery IPA, but I have problems finding recipes for big hoppy IPAs that are nice and golden colored. I looked around for a clone recipe for either of these two types of beer, but I havent had any luck. Are you guys brewing IPAs that are a light...
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    Titan IPA Clone

    I found the DFH 60 to be grapefruity and the Titan to be a standard IPA. Are you guys thinking the same thing?
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    Recipe for Mojo IPA?

    Sheesh, three months and nothin? Anyone have any idea about a recipe for this? I just drained my last bottle tonight! :) Greg
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    Edwort Changed My Life

    I too have stumbled around my house late in the evening after having drank too many of Ed's Stone IPA recipe. My wife still asks why I cried when cracking the last one :)
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    Clarifying Beer

    I use gelatin from time to time to clear my beer. I have pretty much given up on it though. Its too tough to siphon around all the gelatin globs when I move it from the secondary to the bottling bucket. I just give it a few extra weeks in the secondary now and that works fine. Greg
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    Starter vs. Smack pack and facing reality

    So, what amounts of water and DME do you guys use to make a typical starter? Most of my beers are in excess of 1.060, and I generally use two cups of water and one cup of DME.
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    Recipe for Mojo IPA?

    I really like this beer, but couldnt find a clone. The site says it uses Pale Malt, Crystal 20 and wheat malt. The hops are Amarillo and cenntenial. I havent emailed the brewer yet, but any help would be appreciated. Greg
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    American IPA Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone (AG) & Extract

    I made this a few months ago, and just cracked some of the bottles. I was worried, until reading here, that I had messed something up because it has a noticeable citrisy taste, almost like grapefruit. I had never had one of these before, but apparently that is what it is supposed to taste...
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    The hop shortage

    My local HBS had plenty of hops today (though they just received their shipment today for the week). The guy there said that lower prices are coming and the new crop is nearly in (not sure what that meant). Hops are cheaper there than online but they are limiting sales to 4 ounces per variety...
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    3 weeks in seccond

    My IIPA sat in the secondary for 8 weeks before I bottled. Had to add some new yeast at bottle time, but it turned out really great (and clear)!
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    Resurrection 7-7-7 Resurrected

    I have been taking a sixer of each of my brews and putting them away for tasting later. Lastnight I pulled a sixer out of a Sierra Nevada Celebration clone I did in August and WOW, that aging does make a difference. BTW, Brewpastor, let me know how your 777 tastes and I will be right down ;)
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    Just Finished 1st AG: Results

    I just brewed this one two weekends ago and it turned out well (so far). It was my third AG and it went the smoothest of the three. I ended up with an OG of 1.073 with 5 gallons into the primary. Tasted pretty good transferring to secondary. Cant wait to try it out. Let us know how yours...