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    Garden hose water... how bad is it?

    Looks like nobody has actually gone out and tested the water out of the hose. I am going to run the water through my regular garden hose until it is cold and take a sample to get tested to see what is in it. These are relatively new hoses so no fertilizer or pesticides have been ran through...
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    Fermentation in the secondary

    I read in designing great beers that with assertive flavored fruits i.e. raspberry you add 1 pound to each gallon of beer and with mild flavored fruits i.e. apricots you add 2 pounds to each gallon of beer. Seeing that watermelon has a mild flavor I would add about 2 pounds per gallon . I...
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    My Super Efficient 5-Gallon Mash Lauter Tun

    it looks like there is a divete in the bottom of the square cooler where the drainage tube lies, so that the copper tubing can lay snugg to the bottom.
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    Secondary Flavoring Suggestions for my SMaSH

    Or if you have a good spice store around you could get some Black Cardamon, which I would only use about a .5 table spoon. It has a nice roasted and cooling flavor, very good I enjoyed a red rye that had some added to it.
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    Secondary Flavoring Suggestions for my SMaSH

    I did a beer with Jack Danial smoking chips and All I did was steam them a little before hand and stuck them in. Unfortunately I didn't mind the steam water and the chips did get a little chard but that only added to the flavor but every one loved the beer. It seem sto smooth out the beer...
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    Bottlling Beer in used Wine Bottles?

    Thanks I might just try swing tops or bigger beer bottles such as 22oz instead.
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    Bottlling Beer in used Wine Bottles?

    I was wondering if you could reuse wine bottles to bottle beer or if anyone has done this before?
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    plans for a stout

    I love a good stout and don't want to ruin one, but i also want to experiment. My aim is to get a really nice chocolaty stout with some nice caramel flavoring I want to mint to be very undertone and capture more of the savoury peppery-ness and not so much the "mint". I would also...
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    Chai Stout

    We tasted it before we pitched the yeast and the spices were really good. We can't wait to see what it is going to be like when it is ready for secondary. We will report how it is though.
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    Chai Stout

    Chai Stout Ingredients Malts: (bought at Siciliano’s) Plain Extra dark malt extract (dry) 6 lbs Malto Dextrin 8 ounces Grains: (bought at Siciliano’s) Carapil 0.5 lbs Black Patent 0.5 lbs Black Chocolate Malt 0.5 lbs Hops: (bought at Siciliano’s) Starting: Millennium pellets...