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    Faucet and Shank thread question?

    You may not need all of that thread. Pressure test it before you keep torquing it.
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    Need help with CO2 tank problem

    My 5# reads 900 when full and warm, and 600 when it goes in the fridge. Might be best to take your tank and regulator back to the place you got if filled. They might check the regulator for you to see if the gauges work.
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    Makeshift hop growlight

    Those outdoor lights lose intensity at an exponential rate. They are worthless for growlights. Your plants may know that they are there, but they won't be helpful. A good dark cycle where plants change their 'breathing cycle' is a better way to grow.
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    Makeshift hop growlight

    +1. Also, flowering/fruiting plants have different light spectrum/intensity requirements. Flowering plants need very intense light. Flourescents/incandescents wont's do the trick here.
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    Makeshift hop growlight

    Light intensity will keep the plants from stretching. I seriously doubt the plants will get any help from a street light.
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    Hi from Winnipeg
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    Shirron plate chillers questions

    Do you have a pump? You could recirc the cooled wort back to your kettle until you get to a temperature that you can go to your carboy with.
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    Our Cat attacked my son

    Cats can become very agitated by other cats, and can then act unpredictably around people. A few years ago a read a report of a woman who was lying in bed trying to get to sleep when her cat violently attacked her face and put her in the hospital. The cat had been prowling back and forth at the...
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    Hi from Winnipeg

    Winnipeg. The home of Princess Auto.:) Welcome aboard.
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    Cost to brew?

    Yes, Enron made a lot of money telling people they had money that actually wasn't there. Reminds me of something else always in these threads...:mug:
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    Cost to brew?

    Amen. Personally, the reason I started brewing was that I tired of paying $37.99 for a flat of garbage ('John Labatt's Blue, the good stuff' - what a crock). I've never really gotten off only brewing because it's wonderful (although I have now discovered that it is). If I could buy better...
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    Efficiency and F.G. issues

    The other possibility I have been investigating is my steam mashing. It's possible I'm locally overshooting my mash temp when hitting the MLT with steam via the manifold. Even though I stir rigorously, it is still possible I guess.
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    "Tranny" Hops

    Rip it out immediately and remove it from the premises immediately or you'll be sorry.
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    Moving hop crowns

    When you plant them, use a large hole with a good mix of light soil. Maybe a mix of peat/manure/wormcastings/perlite/vermiculite. Also, use a bit of landscape fabric to keep the weeds down around it. It will make it easier to get them out of the ground.
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    Regulator screw

    Could be the locknut, or may be need some lube. See if you can back it all the way out and look at the threads.
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    HBT at NHC

    Public Service Announcement for page 11
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    Efficiency and F.G. issues

    I'm pretty consistent about that. I use an RTD plus a lab thermometer and stir the mash every 15 min when I take my temp.
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    Efficiency and F.G. issues

    I think scaling all the malts is the way to go. What I'm going to do is side by side batches with base malt scaled and all malt scaled using US-56. That should give me some idea.
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    Efficiency and F.G. issues

    I am battling a chronic high F.G. problem. It isn't high by much, maybe 5% attenuation on average. But it is enough to irritate me. I make good starters and use O2 aeration, and the hydrometer is good. My system efficiency into the carboy is pretty reliable at 82-85%. But most of the recipes...
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    Supplies in canada

    Not surprising, considering those are from last crop's slim pickings. Hopefully, it may get down to $2.00/oz bulk this year, although that may be really wishful thinking.