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    D Train Brewery

    I really like that engine graphic. The agave wit label is an awesome concept. I like the graphic on that one too. The only thing I don't like are the horizontal lines behind the Mayahuel. It makes the image a little too busy and distracting. And like Freezeblade said it looks a little stretched.
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    Second brew label, brewed this batch with my dad

    I like it. The antique book feel is really cool. I would remove the quotation marks from cream ale though, and maybe move it up a little closer to the Vermont St Brewery text.
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    Need Help--Wedding Labels!

    For the tux label, how about making the neck label a bow tie?
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    Behold.... The Colossus

    Looks really good!
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    First Brew is a Winner!!

    The rewards of a little patience. I still have trouble waiting sometimes, but it sure does pay off! Sit back and enjoy, you'll be hooked in no time.
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    Plum wheat

    I should get over to Cap City, I haven't been there in a while. I don't know if prunes would give you the same taste that fresh fruit would. I've only made a fruit beer once, but I feel like the fresh fruit was the key. I would just chop up some plums (pitting them as well), pasteurize them...
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    My logo

    I was thinking about a Metro themed name/logo too. You beat me to it! I think the first one is a good idea but it does need some curves. Maybe a line running from the top right corner, around to a few stops then ending at the bottom Left, kind of a Z shape. The second one would look good...
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    A sign from the beer gods?

    I had a dream about brewing an AG batch last night. As an extract brewer (so far) I take this as a sign from the beer gods to build a MLT and take the next step. I figure I'll try a couple of PM batches for some practice, then jump in to AG. When I get my next paycheck I'm off to the hardware...
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    My new brewery logo

    Simple and clean. Looks good.
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    plastic chill panels

    How big are these things? I'd be worried about displacing too much of the wort and having a messy spill-over.
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    Another fruit beer fermentation question

    I did the same thing but left the beer on the fruit for a week and still not much of the peach flavor came through. I think peaches just have a weak flavor that doesn't transfer well. Next time I'll up the amount of fruit I add.
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    When in doubt, don't spit into the beer.

    If you just put the un-crimped caps on top of your filled bottles for maybe 5-10 minutes it does the same thing without leaving the beer open to the air. Just a little trick I learned from my buddy. I'm sure it isn't necessary, but why take the risk of leaving your bottles open to the gross...