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    What's wrong with a false bottom for BIAB

    I do have a center dip tube and left both it and the false bottom in during the boil (although they are pretty easy to remove and clean afterwards). I have a big immersion chiller with a recirc arm that I dropped into the keggle after the boil. Regarding cold break, hop particles, and general...
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    What's wrong with a false bottom for BIAB

    I got the hinged 15" false bottom from Jaybird on here and it's maybe the best brewery purchase I've made. I just tried out my first BIAB with it and had no scorching problems while direct firing it on my propane burner. I was recirculating with a pump, but I honestly don't know if that's...
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    Cheap Laundry Bags for BIAB

    How big of kettles do you all use? I've read that you're supposed to be able to fit your kettle inside the bag.
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    Cheap Laundry Bags for BIAB

    I'll have to check out game bags, I've heard them mentioned on here before. I'm really just looking for anything premade, that is big enough for a keg, and has fine enough mesh to be effective at containing all the grain husks. Since I don't have any experience with BIAB I'm hesitant to spend...
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    Cheap Laundry Bags for BIAB

    I also am concerned about that. The photo on amazon is white, and they don't appear to offer different colors. I may try to contact them and see if I can exchange it for a white one. I think it's made to be thrown in the wash, but definitely not used at the temperatures for mash/mash-out.
  6. WooliteMeshLaundryBag


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    Cheap Laundry Bags for BIAB

    Here's a closeup of the stitching (I'm not sure I can post pictures). I don't know much about sewing, but I think that is probably what people are talking about in regards to double-stitching. Also, it is vibrantly pink. I think it'll really set off the dull shine of my old beer keg.
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    Cheap Laundry Bags for BIAB

    Hi all, I've been wanting to try out BIAB for a little while now, but haven't really wanted to put much effort or investment into making a bag for it. I also haven't seen a lot of recommendations out there for premade bags aside from the extra large coarse bag at Austin Homebrew, and the guy on...
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    Brewmagic pump vs march h315f

    I think they are currently out of stock at ChuggerPumps. Farmhouse Brewing Supply has them though.
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    Downsizing My Brew Rig

    You know, I've seen that post a few times but never really read through it. It's a very sweet setup, but I think I've always been concerned about not being able to brew 5 gallons. However, the idea of brewing inside during this heatwave sounds pretty nice. Thanks for the link
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    Downsizing My Brew Rig

    Hi all, I'm moving this weekend and it has really opened my eyes to the amount of brewing junk I have. It's too late for this move (which is going to be rough), but I'd like to take some measures to descrease my brewing footprint. I'm wondering if it's possible to make a two vessel BIAB...
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    I bought a small bottle at Walgreen's. It's called tincture of iodine. It was very cheap.
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    Speidel Braumeister (brewmaster)

    I've been thinking about getting a pump and a plate chiller (kind of a DIY chill wizard) for my current setup and was hoping if I upgraded to this I would still be able to use it. Seems most plumbing sold for brewing is 1/2". I wonder if it's possible. By the way, awesome, very helpful videos...
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    Beer calc

    BrewPal for iOS can scale them up and down. Don't know of any desktop software or web sites though.
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    Cherry Puree for a Kriek?

    Whenever I drink a good kriek, I notice a unique woody flavor I always attribute to the stone - not sure if that's what it is though. I think I've read around on the internet about people using a spice sold at middle-eastern markets called Mahleb (I've seen it spelled multiple ways) in...
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    Looking for a Hoppy Wheat

    I just brewed the Bee Cave Hefe recipe that's popular on here but did 5 oz of Amarillo all between 20 minutes and flameout. The beer looks beautiful and the hop profile is huge but I used hefe yeast and the admittedly green sample I had last night (only a week of bottle carbing) tasted a little...
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    What's the highest OG brew fermented with Wyeast 3711?

    Not as dry as I thought actually. Looking at my notes it went from 1.100 to 1.009 with 12% palm sugar. This was without giving it any heat during fermentation so probably mid-70s, which might actually be right in the middle of what Wyeast recommends.
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    What's the highest OG brew fermented with Wyeast 3711?

    I did a partial mash tripel that ended up in the neighborhood of 1.1 (because I subbed in palm sugar for candi sugar I think) when it was supposed to be 1.084. Anyway, it's dry as a bone and seriously dangerous. It took months before it was drinkable, but you still really need to make sure...
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    New nano comming to KCMO

    I've often thought about option 2. I recently went to BierKraft in Brooklyn and it's a pretty cool idea. They sell all kinds of craft bottles and also do growler and pint fills from local breweries. They had a lot of Sixpoint on tap. Not sure what the laws are for something like that here in MO...
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    infested what are they...

    They look like aphids. You should get some lady bugs to eat em up.