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    Ubuntu and surfing the net

    Can you use the old laptop while plugged into the charger? If so, then it's the battery at fault. If not, then the charger or something to do with the charging system is at fault. That being said: I love Linux. I don't care which distro although I prefer debian-based ones (Ubuntu et al) as...
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    Need a new SWMBO dammit!

    All women are crazy. It all comes down to whether or not you can deal and put up with their special brand of crazy.
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    Dual air lock

    Probably not going to hurt anything, and may give you a better chance... But your best bet is definitely to ditch the airlock and hook up a blowoff tube. Guaranteed not to fail. Really, if the krausen and blowoff is big enough to clog up one airlock, it's not a far cry from clogging up two...
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    Cult movies

    The evil dead movies for sure. After that, I've got to say that I loved "The Cube". The sequel was awesome as well: The Cube 2: "Hypercube". Has anyone else seen "The Cube" movies? I loved them but can't find anyone else who has seen them or even remotely wants to.... After that, my...
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    Kick me for the sake of HWMBO :D

    You're in for a treat! I love Picaroons' beer! Really should have brought you back a sample pack though -- Their winter warmer is very tasty!
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    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    This is where I buy all my Tobacco from. I really enjoy their bulk "Killington" tobacco. If you are looking for a specific flavor or strength, post and I can probably point you towards one of their bulk (or tinned) offerings that will fit the bill. Arturo7 is right on the reamer: You'll only...
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    Getting a taste for liquor?

    I stick with single malt scotches. The ones mentioned (Balvenie, Oban, Lagavulin) are nice. If you want a good "starter" pick up Glenfiddich. It's got a really smooth and mellow flavour. After, start up the scale with Glenmorangie, and some of the others mentioned. If you do happen to pick...
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    co2 regulator reading whats wrong.

    Mine was the same way when I bought my CO2 tank. Started at 800 until I hooked it up to a keg (and put it in the fridge). Since then (10 or 15 kegs through it so far), it has stayed pretty constant at 600psi.
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    Smokey Fisherman

    It sounds like you're all ready to go! 68-70 is a pretty good temperature, you can definitely brew in that. As far as the swearing, don't worry, the board is nice enough to blank it out for you. Beer is _REALLY_ hard to mess up. On Friday, brew it, have a blast, take notes about your...
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    Cleanser vs. Sanitizer

    I only use cleaner when there is any visible crud (and when reconditioning new kegs). I use sanitizer all the time (no-rinse).
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    Secondary Transferring Question

    Another option would be to rack onto a small amount of priming solution (a 1/4 cup or so of dextrose dissolved into some boiling water) -- Dump that in the keg then rack on top of it. It will start another mini-fermentation (kinda like bottle priming) and you'll have lots of CO2 -- Just...
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    1st brew today - I had 4 errors!

    +2 on buying another carboy or pail and starting another batch asap -- It'll help your patience while waiting for the first batch :).
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    Green Scum / Floaters and the paranoid brewer.

    It looks fine to me. Generally, if it smells ok and tastes ok, then it's fine -- RDWHAHB. I had a couple of batches infected by fruit flies and the smell and taste was enough to make you gag. If you are still wondering whether it is an infection or not after smelling and tasting it, then it's...
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    4 Word Story

    steak. Meanwhile, in a
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    taking a 5 day hiatus from drinking

    I can't. I've always been told Jesus hates a quitter. I don't know much about what he thinks about a "vacationer", but I'm not taking any chances. Off for the next pint!
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    Brandon O's Graff Tasting Notes.

    I've tried both Apfelwein, and Brandon's Graff. I prefer the graff by quite a bit. That being said, I modified the Graff quite a bit (no hops, as I have no local sources, added 1l of rasberry juice, and 3 cups dextrose). From my experience (given the above), Graff is much smoother much...
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    I hate jackasses

    Amen. I'm with you on this one. All the guys I used to hang out with are still kidless and whooping it up. Enh, at least we have lots of beer in which to drown our sorrows :).
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    Opened my first bottle from my first batch today...

    Whatever you end up doing -- make sure you start the next batch (or... if you have already started another -- start another after that). Really... can you ever have too much beer? Agreed on the let it sit. It's happened a few times to me as well. At 3 weeks there just something "off" about...
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    She Will Make Better Omelets.
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    Best cider ever.

    Here's to you, Brandon. Made a batch based on your recipe back in mid-June and forgot about it until tonight. I used 20 litres of generic apple juice, 2 litres of pure raspberry juice, 1 lb light DME, and a couple of cups of dextrose. Fermented with regular old Cooper's ale yeast. Found it...