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    Lost Volume in the Mash Tun - Use more grains?

    So, I built this: And I can't wait to use it. One question, though: since the spigot is about 1/2 inch above the bottom of the cooler, I am going to lose about 16 oz. of wort per mash. Do I need to up my grain amount...
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    Munich Malt Extract

    City, which will undoubtedly inhibit my two favorite hobbies: golf and homebrewing. On the other hand, I will have a good job, so you win some, lose some.
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    Munich Malt Extract

    Alas, I am an apartment brewer now, and moving into Chicago in 5 months. I don't anticipate having the space for it. But I appreciate your comment. I'll look around at how people do AG in apartments, and see if I can convince SWMBO to let me try it. For the time being, anyone know...
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    Munich Malt Extract

    I just got the book Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff, and it's GREAT. One oddity, however, is that many recipes call for Munich malt extract. My LHBS doesn't carry it, and I've found a few online places that have Weyermann's 100% Munich Amber LME, but for around $45 for 8.8 lbs...
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    Using hop socks/bags

    Not Necessarily, just lift the hop sack out, put the chiller in, and put the sack back in on top of the chiller. Works just fine in my big, old turkey fryer.
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    Using hop socks/bags

    You could build a big hop bag. There are lots of ways to do it, but most recommend using a 5-gallon paint strainer, a PVC coupling, and a long PVC pipe (to stabilize it). That lets the hops float around in a larger area than one of the small mesh bags HB shops like to sell. Check this out...
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    Need help, fermentation issues.

    Take a gravity reading. Post OG and SG. If it looks fully attenuated, you're probably fine.
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    uncarbonated beer

    I would bet my latest batch that it's jet dry. For a couple batches, I simply used the dishwasher to sanitize. Those batches had very little carbination, and virtually no head retention. The likely culprit: JetDry. Try this for your bottles: Run the dishwasher empty, with hot water and...
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    Separating the Wort from the Hops

    Thank you for the responses. Next time (which won't be for a while...) I make a beer with a borderline irresponsible amount of hops, I'll use a large, 5-gallon nylon bag. Can I get those from a hardware store/paint shop?
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    Separating the Wort from the Hops

    For the hops? Like a giant tea bag? That sounds like a good idea. Will it affect utilization? With as much hops as we used, I don't think the beer would suffer with a slightly lower utilization, but i'm curious nonetheless. If anyone wants, I would be happy to post the recipe. The beer...
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    Separating the Wort from the Hops

    Yesterday my brother and I made the biggest, hoppiest beer I've ever made. To commemorate our graduating from college and grad school, we made an IIPA with 11 OZ of hops, 8 of which were whole leaf. Lots of late hop additions, etc., made it one hell of a beer. OG: 1.085, IBU well over 120...
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    How about 50,000 lbs of Barley

    I'll bet Jim Koch would help Yuri out. I hear he's got about 20,000lb of hops available.
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    Rock Bottom. Love it? Hate it?

    The on on the northside of Indy is actually pretty good. They usually have 7-8 of their beers (about 4 of which are interesting or good), but they always have something on a nitro, and TWO cask ales. They had an English IPA on the cask once, and I really liked it a lot. Very different from...
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    Potential Bottle Bombs (The Sequel)

    Potential hydrometer misreading? If it was very cold in your house when you took your readings, they might have been off. But I wouldn't worry about it too much. As others have said test them in week intervals. You're probably fine.
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    How important is it to buy a burner?

    Count me among the turkey fryer users. About $99 will get you a 30 qt. SS pot, and a[n] (adequate) burner. The only downside -- the turkey fryer pots aren't designed to boil that much water (although they can certainly do it), and are often built with thin layers of metal, which means the...
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    Wort Cooling - Inspired Genius or Fools Choice

    With copper prices so high, it's more like $40-45. At that price, might as well just buy a pre-made one (assuming it would work just as well as a homemade one). Of course, if you can get cheap copper, that would lower the cost significantly.
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    How about 50,000 lbs of Barley

    I LOL'D ___________________________________________________________________
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    When is beer most vulnerable to contamination?

    Cut him some slack... this is a message board, not a research database. Sure, he could spend an hour or so searching around and maybe find the specific answer he's looking for. Or maybe not. Either way, a forum is the exact kind of place to post questions, even those that have been answered...
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    Wort Cooling - Inspired Genius or Fools Choice

    Thats brilliant! Give that a shot DevizesKayak.
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    Wort Cooling - Inspired Genius or Fools Choice

    Here's a wild thought -- What about freezing some quart or gallon ziplock bags with water, sanitizing them well, then putting them in the wort to cool it? Not sure if anyone has tried this, but if I didn't have a chiller, I'd probably give it a shot once or twice.