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    Connecticut 20 bags of priming sugar, 1lb bag of rice hull

    Hey I have these items that I'd like to go to a good home. If you want to buy them, by all means. The priming sugar is a mix of 4.5oz and 5oz bags. Offer me something in trade. Maybe your own brew? I'm not going to use them so if you want 'em, shoot me a PM. I work in Manhattan so if you can...
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    I've done the same with kegged hard ciders before and have had no problems. I cold crashed the batch down to high 30's and let it sit for a few days before racking it to a chilled keg. Since the keezer is set to 39 deg I have not experienced any additional fermentation in the keg - or if there...
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    Can I "save" my Oktoberfest?

    Thanks. US-05 going in at noon.
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    Can I "save" my Oktoberfest?

    I brewed up an AHS Oktoberfest this past weekend and was in the process of cooling it down to 54 deg to pitch two packets of Saflager 34/70 yeast. Then I tweaked my back and I found out that my fermentation freezer isn't chilling below 68 deg (a craigslist find that seems to have run its...
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    Yeast trade - anyone interested?

    If there is anyone in CT Fairfield county that wants some Danstar Munich dry yeast, I have three packets that I can give away free (one may be outdated). If you want to give me a yeast/something in return, that's cool. If not, that's fine too. I also have a lb bag of rice hull that I'll...
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    20lb Steel Tank - CT

    For those asking: Height: 29" Width: 7.5" Weight (empty): 40.5 lbs
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    20lb Steel Tank - CT

    It's empty and I'll check the date and post when I get home tonight. I got it on an exchange program from the local gas place early this year so it should be valid.
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    20lb Steel Tank - CT

    Thanks, the tank has been SOLD. ______________________________________________________ I have an extra 20lb steel co2 tank for sale. $70 or best offer. It's in excellent shape, bright silver paint. It's empty with a hydro stamp of 10/2007 (correcting my previous comment - thanks JRems)...
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    Kolsch - Skim Krausen? - Cold Crash?

    I'm three days into my first first Kolsch too. I also used WLP029 and it is fermenting at 61 deg give or take a degree. My plan is to give it about 3 weeks, bring it up to room temp (~68 deg) for two or three days to finish up, then cold crash down at mid to low 30's for a week before racking...
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    Easy Stovetop All-Grain Brewing (with pics)

    DeathBrewer, How do you handle multi-step infusion brewing with this method? I've seen some brews that calls for different temperatures at different times of the mash process before the boil. Is it just a matter of turning the stove on with the grain/nylon bag sitting in the pot until the...
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    Ranco Controller

    I have a similar issue with a Johnson digital temp controller. The cooling swings the temperature lower than the set lower bound. Interested in learning why this might be the case.
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    17 day fermentation and counting

    Revvy, do you have an exact name, part number or a link for this rubber valve? I checked on Northern Brewer and couldn't spot it. This would work out great for my fermentation freezer since I need to attach a wooden collet to get a second fermenter in there. With this rubber valve on a...
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    Fermentation not starting

    The grain bill was: 6.75 lb Maris Otter Malt, 0.5 lb Crystal 60L Malt I didn't make a starter because these were dry yeast packets. I did proof the Windsor so I know it wasn't a dead packet. I just tossed in the S04. You guys have given me a new idea! I used dried yeast because I didn't want...
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    Fermentation not starting

    Both yeast packets were stored in the keezer which is maintained at 38 deg F. I guess I can try to pitch another packet of S04. The Windsor had an Sept 11 expiration date. I don't know what the date is on the S04 but I only bought it two months ago so I should expect that it hadn't expired...
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    Fermentation not starting

    I pitched at 61 deg. The 2nd pack was also pitched at 61 deg. I brought up the fermenter to a warmer place and it's been sitting at 63 deg temperature for the past three days..
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    Fermentation not starting

    I brewed up a AHS Ordinary Bitter last week using DeathBrewer's All Grain Stove Top method. My mash temperature was too high. I was shooting for 165 deg water temp so that it would drop to 154 deg when the grain was added in. It wound up at 170 deg and I had to add some water to eventually...
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    co2 tank, regulator, IC wort chiller (CT/NYC)

    Bump for added photo and reduced price.
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    co2 tank, regulator, IC wort chiller (CT/NYC)

    IC wort chiller and bottle capper SOLD The 20 lb steel co2 tank still available. I would gladly trade for Perlick faucet and shank. Or make me a $ offer.
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    anyone had AHS Bavarian Hefewiezen?

    I've brewed the AHS AG hefe kit and I've also brewed the extract Midwest Hank's hefe multiple times using liquid yeast. Taste is a subjective matter so your mileage may vary. However, I had better response on the Hank's hefe. Both kits were quality kits so that shouldn't be the determining factor.