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    What has happened to the American people?

    I know what you mean! I just started a new job as well and I am now "the beer guy" I can't brew enough to keep up with their demands for good beer! Think im in heaven!
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    olllllo is famous!

    Yeah we geeked out on him! Sooooo...Tell me about the Jeep grill thing! :rockin:
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    olllllo is famous!

    Beer porn! Beer porn!!:ban:
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    olllllo is famous!

    HA! [email protected] him! :D Seriously though, he was more than generous with what he sent out and we appreciate that! Still can't pronounce olllllo correctly though! At least I don't think so! :mug: CHEERS!
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    olllllo is famous!

    SIDT has made olllllo famous! (well, for about 5 minutes) We reviewed the beers he sent us and 2 of his incredible homebrews here: Should I Drink That? Brewcast » Blog Archive » Episode 52 - 3rd Anniversary Show pt.1 :rockin::rockin::rockin::rockin: Hope I posted this in the...
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    Hop substitutions??

    Don't throw them out! :drunk: Put your extra hops in the freezer, they will keep for a long time. Hop substitution deals with using similar alpha acid percentages as well as flavor/aroma so if you can find something close to the original AA you should be ok. Don't be afraid to change up the...
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    Hop substitutions??

    You can check out my hop subsitution chat here, click on the link at the bottom of my page for a more complete list: Should I Brew That » Hop Substitution Chart Sterling - Saaz, Lublin Hallertau - Liberty, Tettnanger, Mt. Hood, Vangaurd, Tradition Willamette - Styrian Golding, Target...
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    "It goes to 11 --IIIIIIIIIIIPA ( only to be served on spinal tap )" Thanks for sharing that! Now I know the name of my next IPA! Im listening to Nuclear Assault as I type this! METAL!:rockin:
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    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    Thanks guys, if anyone has trouble finding these, at Lowes they are in the "specialty section" in hardware labeled "nylon spacers" or "steel spacers". They did not have 3/4" as suggested in the instructions (they do however have 1/4". 1/2" and 1" spacers). I picked up the 1" spacers and figured...
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    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    I have a question, i know i can use extra 10/32 nuts for spacers (btw, how many?) but what are the "¾ inch stand offs"? Can these be bought at Lowe's or Home Despot or is this just something you had on hand?? Thanks and I apologize for the stupid questions! :mug:
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    Brew Competition around Pittsburgh

    Just wanted to add that The Brewerie in Erie, Pa holds one or two homebrew competitions per year, im not sure of the dates but you can contact them here: Welcome to the Brewerie
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    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    Thanks for the feedback, I will be chopping up that adapter this week! :mug:
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    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    in regards to all the voltage issues, i found this: PowerLine 0900-77A 1300mA Universal Adapter: Home Improvement adjustable voltage from 3-12v, i would assume this could work, no?
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    April Fools Posts always has some classics every year, even some of the older ones are on the main page under "favorites"
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    Earth Hour

    Now that's funny! :mug:
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    The Best Beer Magazine?

    Also don't forget about DRAFT magazine: draftmag dot com :mug:
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    Tutorial for Shipping Beer

    I just wanted to add that I use a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer on all my bottles just as an added safety precaution. That way if a bottle cracks or it's cap comes loose it's still contained.
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    Shipping Problem, Possible Disaster

    Found this policy layout/agreement for FedEx: I know that Mail-order sales of alcohol in Pennsylvania are prohibited under the so-called three-tier system of distribution in which beer must be sold through licensed...
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    How many 12oz bottles do you get from 5gal?

    Five gallons of beer equals: 53 x 12-ounce bottles 40 x 16-ounce bottles 29 x 22-ounce bottles give or take, depending on your volume of course!
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    Anyone ever had this before???

    Nice find! That beer is great, the ingredients for that one are intense: From the Brewery (Baladin - Italy): Commercial Description: Le Baladin Wayan is made of 17 different ingredients (barley, wheat, spelt, oats, rye, different types of hops and many different spices besides coriander...