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    As for rendering fat, I take the suet and run it through a meat grinder. It works best if it isn't too cold, so that the grinder does not struggle too hard. I then cook it in a crock pot. I add AND MIX water. The bottom consists of really low grade burger that can be used for chili or...
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    BURNERS?? bayou classic SP10 and SQ14

    Does anybody have any insight on one of these? The outtermost ring is 13", so that should easily support my pot. It says 22K BTUs, but I've seen similar that said 30K+. Is 22K going to boil 7 gallons inside of 20/30 minutes...
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    How long can I store milled grain?

    You can store at cellar temp for months. Just keep them mostly sealed, and mostly moisture free
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    Sealed, crushed grain. How long is it good for?

    Good for a long, long time, even if crushed. It might not be as "fresh" but my palette couldn't tell a difference. Even base grain is good for a long time, though the proteins/enzymes degrade.
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    Keg to bottle – flip top vs. regular capped bottle

    Yes, you can bottle into standard capped 12 oz bottles. I also usually burp the keg before filling at a very slow rate, so as to keep more of the carbonation in the liquid. They poor great, even a couple of weeks down the road.
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    Since my temps are closer to 212 than 32, I calibrate using boiling water. Place in the boiling water and turn the face of the thermometer until it reads 212
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    Old hops

    I have leaf hops that are 3 years old kept in freezer (citra). No real depreciation. The bag doesn't even quite seal, so I just fold it over and clamp it.
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    KitchenAid grain mill attachment?

    You might want to read what I had posted again. The lactobaccilus that is is rampant on the grain particles becomes airborne as dust and takes a long time to settle-including on equipment that has already been sterilized or wort that has cooled.. Do as you wish, champ.
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    Hops In The Boil; Loose or Bagged?

    I throw them all in... Then I move my beer into a paint bag that is inside of another large pot so that it does not clog my CFC. I really need to get a new method to this trainwreck.
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    Is it worth it to buy bulk grains?

    I have just one bag of base malt. I got 55lb of maris otter for $47, so it works out for me to just use that. The last bag lasted me 3 years. Walmart sells containers that seal tight enough for me. I store them in my dry basement at about 60* year round. there are really only about 15...
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    mashtun setup: am I going to poison myself?

    I did the same filter as well, with poor results. Furthermore, I suggest using PEX and cutting slits in it.
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    That last swallow...

    Working in health care I am around enough bugs that will kill ya. I enjoy the good ones to crowd out the bad.
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    How long do you use your buckets?

    I've not encountered a problem in my 25 or so batches, but I would suggest a soak in Oxi clean followed by a soak in bleach water before I replaced any of them.
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    Enough for cell counting?

    You could do it with a micropipette. Place on slide and count. Then figure how many drops make 1mL and total volume. Would give a rather accurate estimate that is probably accurate to 10%.
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    Need some Smoked Grain Advice

    it is because your nose has become numb to smoke
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    Get it to boiling and I assure you almost all the water will leave. BTW, you can burn soap. I had that with my first batch that I did not stir and the center turned a brown color. I do mine in a pyrex measuring cup and microwave, stirring occasionally until it froths heartily on the top...
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    I got some fat from the butcher. People regularly mix it with deer meat for sausage, since deer tends to be more lean. I put it through my meat grinder and threw it in the crock pot. I then pulled the hamburger off of the bottom. The result? About 2 lbs of burger and 4 lbs of tallow for 8...
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    Bottle Conditioning Barleywine

    It will take months. The warmer the temperature, the faster it will condition.
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    Efficiency numbers cooler with copper manifold

    I use a 5 gallon and I get routinely between 85 and 90%. The smaller cooler means less liquor that remains in the mash with sparging. I usually do 5 or 6 sparges.
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    Decoction Mashing

    with today's modified malts, it is really not necessary or beneficial. I did it once. It was fun to make been using the same methods from hundreds of years ago. It really made brewing possible before we understand all of the chemistry that took place in the mash, and with the absence of a...