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  1. MikeRLynch

    Another 1 bbl brewer

    A nice ledge to put your beer down, this will run almost the whole perimeter of the space Upgrading the power, our brewery will be entirely electric Starting to wall up the second garage door The fermentation room, now with a wall dividing it from the cooler space Little hallway around...
  2. MikeRLynch

    Another 1 bbl brewer

    The whole unit, we took down those awful lights The unit has two garage doors, we'll keep one for deliveries but the other we'll wall off and put in a fire exit. Drain piping laid in Framing the brewery Almost finished, the large windows were found in a pile in the back of the property...
  3. MikeRLynch

    Another 1 bbl brewer

    Lol, now you tell me ;) Some more pics of the build. We've got a lot of the major stuff roughed in, our carpenter has been amazing. Still waiting on TTB, submitted at the end of September and it's been assigned to an agent as of the end of October, but nothing since then. I think I'll be...
  4. MikeRLynch

    MacGuyver brews in a bag...

    Holy dead thread risen from the grave Batman! Hey all, I'll try and scrounge the pics from this, I have no idea where they are. No promises though
  5. MikeRLynch

    From homebrewer to probrewer (Long)

    Not sure exactly how true this is, there are several breweries on kickstarter, among them a local group of friends who were able to fund a sucessful 40k campaign for their business. That being said, Kickstarter...
  6. MikeRLynch

    From homebrewer to probrewer (Long)

    Well done! That space is plenty of room for you, we've got a 1300 square foot space for our nano and I'm still marveling at how much room there is. What's the fermentation plan? Cooperage? After thinking about it, we ended up settling on a 3 bbl brite tank from Stout Tanks. The idea of carbing...
  7. MikeRLynch

    Another 1 bbl brewer

    And just to head off the question, yes we did have a few beers before we cut the floor :cross:
  8. MikeRLynch

    Another 1 bbl brewer

    I hear you, luckily my brewing partner is an electrical contractor and has contacts in the trades, so pulling permits so far hasn’t been too much of an issue. A lot of the people we’re having pull permits are just letting us do the work, they’ll take a look at it and let us...
  9. MikeRLynch

    Another 1 bbl brewer

    The trench has been dug. It runs all the way from the cold room on the other side of the wall to the floor drains in the foreground. 3 truckloads of concrete rocks, moved by hand. A 1 foot wide trench doesn't sound like much, but when you multiply that by 4 inches deep and over 40 feet long...
  10. MikeRLynch

    Another 1 bbl brewer

    Thanks, a couple blurry pics from the build. Digging a trench tonight.
  11. MikeRLynch

    Another 1 bbl brewer

    Well, I figured I’d bring this thread back from the dead and give an update on what’s been going on in the past few years (can hardly believe it’s been that long since we first started this venture). Life tends to get in the way, and progress on the brewery moved slowly. We...
  12. MikeRLynch

    Brewing my first 10 bbl batch !!

    We had the chance to brew with Kris and the guys down at the Dark Horse last night, and despite it being the longest brewday of my life, it was an absolutely awesome experience. If there was any doubt left in my mind that this was what I wanted to do with my life, it's now gone. Thanks so much...
  13. MikeRLynch

    WORST Home Brew Store experience ever!

    I have to say, of all the horrible experiences I've had with LHBS in my area (and there are many) one in particular comes to mind. I go to the local place, walk in, trip over a box that was left in front of the door, and walk up to the counter. An older man sits there, seemingly staring off into...
  14. MikeRLynch

    Bazooka Screens? To use or not to use..

    I use the screen, and almost exclusively pellets and I can tell you it clogs rather easily. It seems like it's made more for mash tuns. I have a bazooka in my tun and it works great.
  15. MikeRLynch

    Central MA/Central CT Group grain buy ??

    Agreed, if this is going to happen I'd be down for a couple sacks at least Mike Manchester, CT
  16. MikeRLynch

    Post pics of your smoker

    Made from a commercial tank with triclover fittings, valves, and pipes. The lid, with a butterfly valve. We tell ourselves that the angled piece on top is functional, but in reality it's just for show :p A 22" standard weber grill grate fits perfectly. We use a little weber smokey...
  17. MikeRLynch

    Secret to getting that beautiful bark on your pork butt

    Same here, you put the mustard on top of the rub? I guess it makes sense, you want the rub to have full contact with the meat. I've always just used a large amount of brown sugar in my rub, cake it on thick. The sugar caramelizes and created a good dark crust.
  18. MikeRLynch

    Sierra Nevada 30th Grand Cru

    I too thought the oak in the Grand Cru was pretty minimal, and I'm not a fan of overly oaked beers at all. In general I'd say that this beer is absolutely of the Sierra Nevada standard, well balanced, hoppy, and most of all, drinkable. I could have pint after pint of this beer and be a happy...
  19. MikeRLynch

    Thirty Hours In The Smoker!

    I agree with this completely, in the first few hours you'll develop all the smokey flavors you need. No need for a big smoke ring on poultry ;) I even do this with my pork shoulders, between 6 and 8 hours on the smoke, then finishing it in the oven. Makes the house smell awesome :)
  20. MikeRLynch

    Maris Otter/Cascade SMaSH?

    The recipe looks good, nice and basic. I absolutely agree with upping the mash temp. You're going to need a 5 gallon paint strainer bag, as far as I know that's the biggest they come in. Try to stir the grains around in the bag to make sure everything gets equally wet.