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    Wheat beer + unfermented blackberry wine =?

    It's been about two weeks since I added the blackberry must. It's back down to .994. Now it has a really strong, pungent smell that doesn't smell normal. It could be the k-meta but I'm not sure. It's sour now and just a hint of sweetness. You can almost taste the blackberries. I think I'm...
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    Wheat beer + unfermented blackberry wine =?

    It's not sour. It's extremely dry, though.
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    7-Grain Cereal

    The reason not to use commercial cereal is because it's heavily processed. I've heard of people try to make beer from cereals like grape nuts but it never ends well. I've been tempted to try mashing some puffed wheat but have never bothered.
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    Fresh Blueberry Ale

    I would freeze them. It makes it easier to extract all of the juice when you crush them. I would also rinse the berries in a campden/water solution before crushing/pureeing them. You could add a little pectic enzyme to eat up the proteins. Usually, when I add puree to beer it just falls out...
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    Wheat beer + unfermented blackberry wine =?

    Yes. I used the dregs from a Saison de Buff for the yeast. I was really surprised, too. I checked three samples and used two different hydrometers. I combined the two batches and it's fermenting away again so I guess I'll see where it ends up.
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    Wheat beer + unfermented blackberry wine =?

    I added the k-meta after crushing my berries then stirred a couple of times per day for a week. Then I pitched my yeast. I probably just used way too much. We'll see how it reacts with 5 gallons of beer. I always use a teaspoon in my 5 gallon batches.
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    Favorite Commercial Beer/ Brewery

    Oskar Blues. I love every beer they make..except for Gubna. I like it but I don't love it.
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    Are you still buying commercial beer?

    I still don't have a kegerater. That puts a damper on my kegged beer. Usually, I just fill my bottles with whatever I want to drink for the night and put them in the fridge. I don't always get around to it, though. When I get one with 4-6 taps then I'll probably quit buying commercial beer.
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    Wheat beer + unfermented blackberry wine =?

    So a few weeks ago I tried doing a 1 gallon batch of blackberry wine. I must have used a bit too much potassium metobisulphite because the yeast never took off. It didn't ferment at all. Here's the recipe that I used. It ended up at 1.092 5 lbs blackberries 2 lbs sugar 1 quart water .5 tsp...
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    Awesome Blueberry Wine

    My 5 gallon batch started at 1.092 and ended at .996. I think that it's ready to bottle. It smells great. It tastes great. It has that "real wine" flavor that I didn't expect. The blueberry character doesn't really come through very strongly. It's nice and dry with just a little heat. I...
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    Chili Beer?

    I'm tempted to do a chili stout based on a Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout clone. I think that the flavors would come together really well.
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    Chili Beer?

    After a few weeks it's really mellowed out. It's awesome now. The heat hits you in the back of the throat pretty hard when you first drink it dissipates pretty quickly and after a couple of them you don't really even notice it.
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    How to proceed with this wild starter

    I just took it off of the stir plate this morning. Now there's about an inch or so of creamy white yeast on the bottom of the flask. It smells really sour and yeasty. I tasted it and it's definitely unpleasant but not undrinkable. It's just really sour and yeasty. Should I decant and pitch...
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    Reusing Belgian Bottles

    So the corks don't add to the shelf life at all? I just had a dobbel that was cellared for at least 10 or 15 years and it was great.
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    Chili Beer?

    I just cracked the first one from my latest batch. I think that I have the malts and the hops where I want them but the beer is really really spicy. The flavor is awesome. The peppers really shine through and the malt balance is good. It just keeps burning after you drink it. My first batch...
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    To Secondary or Not? John Palmer and Jamil Zainasheff Weigh In

    I like secondaries. They give your beer a chance to clear a lot better. If I let it sit for a month in the primary then I end up sucking out a lot of the trub with my auto siphon because the yeast cake is too thick. When I rack to secondary and let it clear then when I auto siphon the level...
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    To each his own but fruit doesn't belong in beer

    I like fruity beers. I also like big, chewy stouts, liquid hop bombs and horse piss. If it's classified as beer and it's good enough that someone was willing to spend money on it and put it on tap/on their shelf then I'll probably be able to appreciate it. I've run across some exceptions but...
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    Brewers Formulary Poster

    Where's the nearest kinkos?
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    Other hobbies besides homebrew..

    Glad to hear that someone digs it :mug:
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    Blackberry Ginger Pale Ale - a good or terrible idea?

    I'd probably pick one or the other. But what do I know. I guess I just like to know what each weird ingredient imparts to a beer before I start combining. That way if something really weird, really off pops up you might be able to figure out what it's from.