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    What do you do while mashing in??

    I either prep carboys and whatnot, or if everything is already done I tackle some items from the honey-do list to gain some goodwill
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    Canadian Roll Call!!

    And doing a damn fine job :rockin:
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    Canadian Roll Call!!

    Great homebrew shop, Diana (the owner) is awesome!
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    wy1388 winey flavour

    I've used this yeast a couple of times and both times I found that it has a "winey" flavour for quite a while until it ages out. Is there any way to get this to dissipate faster? Both batches fermentation temps started at 68 and ramped up to 75 over about a week. For the first batch, once...
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    Pets named after beer? SHARE PHOTOS!

    This one has been known to raid the woodpile and spread logs around the backyard...
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    Pets named after beer? SHARE PHOTOS!

    Porter seems like a popular name! Here's mine, she's a lab/German shepherd cross
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    Really dumb question: White Labs yeast vials

    I sanitize them first, then open them slowly until you hear the gas escaping. Once it is about to spray yeast everywhere, cap it back up and wait for it to settle. Usually I will put it back in the sanitizer while I wait. Keep repeating this until you can actually open it up.
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    Zuljin's Next Brew. You Pick It.

    Maple brown ale, aged on toasted maple chips. That's one I plan on doing eventually, so maybe you can do the initial research for me :P
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    Lets see you turned (wood lathe) tap handles

    My house maple brown ale, named "Beaver Piss". I plan on figuring out how to age it on maple chips and get a woody flavour that isn't oak. I haven't been successful yet...
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    Lets see you turned (wood lathe) tap handles

    These were done by my Mom. And not exactly turned, but I had to post it.
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    What's your all-time favorite pale ale recipe?

    It is probably maltier and sweeter than your average APA, but that actually works out well since there is so much hop flavour. :) It's all about the balance. :)
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    What's your all-time favorite pale ale recipe?

    Hop flavour and aroma of an IPA, but without all the bitterness. Delicious! OG: 1.050 FG: 1.012 IBU: 36 70% 2-row 25% munich 5% crystal 40 All hop additions are a 50/50 split of amarillo and centennial: 1.5oz @ 20min 1.5oz @ 10min 1.5oz @ 1min Dry hop with 1oz for 7 days Mash at 154, ferment...
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    Special Roast: Is it sweet?

    Thanks guys, that's pretty much what I had gathered from googling.
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    Special Roast: Is it sweet?

    I got a bunch of special roast and I am trying to decide what to use it in. From what I have read, it is bready with a sourdough like quality to it. The question is, does it leave any residual sweetness, or just toasty/bready flavours?
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    Can I mix my water and grains and THEN heat to mash temp?

    What you are doing will produce beer to be sure. I can't see how this method would create any off flavours in the final product. The downside is that most, if not all the conversion will be done by the time you make it to your mash temperature. I also BIAB, and what I do is heat the water to...
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    Thoughts on this Dunkel

    The irish moss is actually to help proteins coagulate when boiling, and to help reduce chill haze. It doesn't effect the yeast at all.
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    Brewing the beer for a Company BBQ, what should I brew?

    I did a cream of three crops for a company potluck, and it was extremely well recieved. I used amarillo, and also added about 1/2oz at 5min for some aroma.
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    Maple chips instead of oak

    I decided to not add Maple chips to the latest brown ale I brewed... I'll post back when I decide to make a maple brown again
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    Maple chips instead of oak

    I have the beer brewed, but I haven't added the maple chips yet. I have just been swamped all summer. I think the recipe I made also wasn't very brown... seemed a little more red/orangy than I would have liked, but it will still serve as a good test for the maple chip aging. The test I did with...
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    Show us your CUSTOM wood tap handles!!

    I don't have my keezer built yet, but I got these for xmas last year. My Mom's hobby is hobbies, so she knows how to use a lathe. And for my work-in-progress house maple brown ale "Beaver Piss," she made this one.