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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Westvleteren 12 Clone - Multiple Award Winner

    Great looking recipe!! Would you mind going over the optional steps. Are you stating to add the syrup in the one gallon boil or is the one gallon boil an additional syrup?
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    Yeast without washing

    Last week tried another method of harvesting yeast. No wash just raked beer off of primary left some beer- swirled it up and filled up 3 sanitized mason jars. After a few days the layers haven't formed in the same way as yeast washing. Yeast and trub appear somewhat in suspension together...
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    Question re: Top tier and mounting a Duda disel plate chiller.

    Picking up a top tier in a few days and have a question regarding mounting a plate chiller. I know blinchman sales a mounting bracket especially for the therminator. I have a Duda Diesel 30 plate chiller. Would this bracket fit my chiller or has anyone had any experience in mounting this...
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    Problems with my new taprite

    Problem solved. After noticing I was losing CO2 I took it to my local oxygen shop. After a few tests we found a pin hole leak in the psi gauge. So after two co2 refills and a new psi gauge I'm back in business. Taprite is supposed to be sending me goodies to make it right.
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    Problems with my new taprite

    Recently purchased a new taprite for my kegerator (red knob version)-- I have a spilt that allows three kegs to carb at once. Worked perfectly the last two weeks. Added a new keg last night a Belgian Tripel. I set the psi to 30 and closed off the valves for the other two kegs. I checked...
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    ISO March or Chugger pump

    Looking for a March or Chugger pump with SS inlets and head.
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    Cold press coffee

    What's the best suggestion for coffee to water ratio for cold pressing. I'm planning on adding it at kegging. I want very little water going into the keg (don't want to change the abv or water down the beer).
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    Coconut to an imperial porter

    Trying to decide the best way to add toasted coconut in my secondary. It's 24 oz unsweeted toasted. Considering either dumping them straight in or trying to use multiple bags weighted down. Any thoughts?
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    Chest freezer ferm chamber

    How many carboys can you easily fit in the 7 Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Chest freezer ferm chamber

    Looking at the 7 as well trying to fit in an alcove outside my house. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Chest freezer ferm chamber

    I know there's a ton of threads on this topic-. I'm looking at building the ferm chamber out of a 5cf chest freezer. Has anyone done this? Any success? Does it require a collar? And how many carboys can it fit? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    South Carolina March pump for sale

    Is that a steel head? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Saison Cottage House Saison

    When I'll done this recipe I found a electric heating pad works wonders for high temp management
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    Arkansas WTS - 3 20 - 22gallon Brew kettles

    Interested in a 20gallon let me know if you will ship. Cheers
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    Looking for a Johnson Digital controller

    I've only been looking at Johnson or ranco and the china stc do dual temp control? And my understanding is that have to be wired?