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    gluten free yeast and fermenation temperature

    My gluten free beer is fermenting very slowly. I have it in a room that is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Is that too cold? I also used Windsor Ale yeast. Does that yeast need a warmer temperature? Thanks.
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    strange looking yeast cake

    It didn't taste very good at all. It has been in the bottles for a week. It smelled and tasted really strange.
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    strange looking yeast cake

    So when racking my scotch ale which had been inthe primary for 8 weeks, there were strange looking brown squares which had formed in the yeast cake. It also had a strange smell, almost like formaldehyde. did i leave it in the primary too long? Is it a bad batch or will it recover with aging...
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    Fat Tire

    I've done a lot of extract kits with just a 2 gallon brewpot and then I top it off to 5 gallons after the wort cools and I dump it into the fermenting bucket. I've never had a problem. They have all come out fine.
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    Fat Tire

    Anyone know which company sells a Fat Tire clone?
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    Mold in my fermentation bucket!!

    If only I had waited 1 day!!! AAARRRGGGHHH
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    Mold in my fermentation bucket!!

    Hop sludge might have made it. I wish I hadn't dumped it now. That would have been an awesome beer!!!
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    Mold in my fermentation bucket!!

    It was definitely mold. It wasn't foamy, it was in semi-solid chunks, and it looked exactly like the white mold I've seen on stuff in my fridge before, and it had a little green on it also. I probably should've waited until I posted on here and tried to save it, but I already dumped it. Oh...
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    Mold in my fermentation bucket!!

    On Friday I brewed a stout and during the boil I added 4 oz of ground espresso beans because I thought it would taste good. Everything went swimmingly. I thoroughly cleaned the fermentation bucket and the airlock, but forgot to clean the lid of the bucket. It had been sitting around since the...
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    Hops problem in an IPA

    I was brewing an IPA the other night and I was about 15 minutes into the boil when I noticed that there was a hole in the muslin bag that I put the bittering hop pellets in. The muslin bag was empty and all of the hops were floating around in the wort while it boiled. Nothing I could do to fix...
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    First Dry Hop

    I'm doing my first IPA. It's been in the primary 2 weeks. I'm going to dry hop sometime in the next week. Should I use a Muslin bag, or should I just toss the oz of pellets in and stir it around.
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    Hello from Cape Cod

    Welcome! Any good HBS's down the Cape? My brother is in Wareham and wants to get started.:mug:
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    Potassium Sorbate

    Making a hard cider, I didn't read the cider's ingredients and of course it had potassium sorbate in it. I have already pitched the yeast. Is there any way to neutralize the potassium sorbate so I don't have to dump this? Thanks in advance.
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    Hard Lemonade

    I'm new at homebrewing and trying this recipe for the first time. I have an extra Dry Ale yeast. I don't feel like driving the hour to my LHBS. Will that yeast work similarly to the wine yeast or should I make the trip?
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    Yeast and Taste

    I'm starting my 2nd beer this weekend. It is an IPA. I am going to use the yeast that comes with the kit this time (it is due to arrive tomorrow), but I am wondering if in the future if there is a certain kind of yeast that brings out the hops more in an IPA? Is there a certain yeast that...
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    Burner Question

    Also, I do my brewing in a 12 qt stockpot and add a few gallons of water after it cools off and I have put it in the primary.
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    Burner Question

    I think either one will be fine. Those are designed to heat cooking oil up to 400+ degrees F. Water boils at 212 degrees F. You should have no problem getting and maintaining a boil with either one.
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    airlock problem

    I'm switching the water to Vodka when I get home from work!
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    airlock problem

    I was just moving my Ale Pail and it slipped out of my hand. The lid didn't come off, but some of the water I had in the airlock slipped into the wort. It was distilled water that I used in the brewing process anyway, but could this ruin the beer?
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    What up from Natick, MA!!

    Just made my first homebrew wort last weekend. The stout is fermenting nicely. :mug: