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    No-Chill Brewing?

    Can you expand on this comment please. I was planning on doing this when I finally get around to building my temp controller, but want to understand your point.
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    No-Chill Brewing?

    @chthon with fullest of respect, I don't think your method of using a plastic bag solves the issue. If in fact your plastic bag is "air tight", the moment you remove the bag, air will rush in as negative pressure results from the cooling wort. I prefer to have this air, in the least, filtered.
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    No-Chill Brewing?

    @grzrk please keep us posted.
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    No-Chill Brewing?

    I do BIABFIAKNC. That is brew in a bag, ferment in kettle (chapman univessel), and no-chill. So at end of boil I clamp lid and a put in kitchen sink to cool enough to move to out of way location. During cool off, I have a air filter attached on lid so i can draw sterile(hopefully) air...
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    Chest Freezer Specs and Layouts

    I was looking for the smallest chest freezer I could use for fermentation chamber. I searched this thread but found no posts confirming the use of a 3.5 cu ft.. In any case, I purchased a Magic Chef 3.5 cu. ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer from Home Depot. In case the link goes bad, it is...
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    Am i overthinking this?

    So it sounds to me when I get around to buliding my ferm chamber controller, I should have a probe in the center of the fermenter and one on the side (isolated from env) and avg the two temps to get the best idea of wort temp.
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    Just getting into Kombucha,

    So I have read about kegging Kombucha, but there is a detail I am missing maybe you can help @eric19312 . When in the keg with flavoring addatives, how do you keep that stuff from clogging up the liquid line?
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    Just getting into Kombucha,

    I too am just getting into Kombucha. I am in the "trying to grow my SCOBY" stage from a store bought bottle. Been fermenting for like 3 weeks and very close to a full thin layer. Waiting is very hard to do, lol. I like those NB fermenters. When I go to make my first batch I am gonna try to...
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    Need more GT Synergy Bottles

    Just getting started in Kombucha so doing research on bottling options. As a homebrewer I was hoping I could re-use my beer bottles and caps. However, I have read/watched many that say Kombucha pressurizes to a higher level >60psi than beer. Beer bottles only rated at maybe 50psi.
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    Homebrew Talk 3D Print Thread.

    I love this thread. Very inspirational and reminds me that there are so many uses in our hobby for custom items. Here is a Carb-cap wrench I made. Super-simple, but I was having trouble unscrewing these things by hand. edit: I have been printing for 4 years, Ender 2 v2, Openscad, Cura.
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    Homebrew Talk 3D Print Thread.

    @chazam I can't picture what your trying to solve, but if appearance and tolerance is not an issue, I have had luck using plastic as a glue. Meaning, I use an old soldering iron to heat up and melt PLA parts to attach to each other. One can use filament off the roll to add extra plastic around...
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    BIAB, no-chill & ferment - all in an unsealed pot. Risk of contamintaion?

    I ferment in kettle 4 gal batches. At the moment I don't take gravity readings during fermentation. I just wait two weeks(or more if my schedule is busy) and bottle. Now I use the Chapman Univessel, but I started this process using a stainless steel pot. I drilled hole in lid for airlock via...
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    3D Printing and Brewing

    I am into 3D printing and have been wanting to see if there is something I can print to help me out. Thanks for sharing.
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    Crazy Idea...Centrifuge Fermenter

    @Dr_Jeff3, I too have had this same idea. One issue would be to counter balance the weight of one fermenter on opposite side of rotating disc with another. The next obvious issue would be how fast would you need to spin the fermenter to make it worth the effort and do so safely. Typical...
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    Two Questions: BIAB Huge Trub Amt. & Mash Temp.

    I'm in FL too and use a strike water temp at about 158 for mash temp of 152-154. I think it is because my grains must be at like 85-90.
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    1L brown soda bottle

    I was so excited about this, I thought it worth sharing. I found Teddy's Root Beer in 1L plastic bottles at Tractor Supply for $1 each. The best picture I can find of the bottle is Been using it along with carbonation cap since I have not upgraded to kegs yet.
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    Plastic Kegs for Homebrew

    Sad story is I watched a news(?) program that demonstrated how we have been mislead to believe the recycle programs are recycling 100% of what we give them. In actuality, only about 2 of the 7 codes are actively recycled and the rest still ends up in land fill as there is no economical way to...
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    Plastic Kegs for Homebrew

    I was looking into those a few months back and noticed that they are single use only. The design is that a (micro)brewery would sell their beer to customers in those pertainers and the customer would just dispose of the pertainer. This eliminated the breweries cost of having to buy large...
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    Brew kettle size for BIAB

    @OP To add to what pdcm said, you can always use BIAB calculator and reduce your batch size until you find one that gives < 8 gal pre-boil. My comfort level would be a batch size that had no more than 7 gal preboil; and you really have to baby it to make sure it does not boil over. I have...