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  1. Mike M

    Hello from OK

    Hello from DE and welcome! What are you brewing?
  2. Mike M

    Great Literature not about Beer

    Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry Shogun by James Clavell The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
  3. Mike M

    Greetings from Portugal

    There are many things I like about this site, but I find it especially cool that homebrewers from around the world can meet to share ideas and stories. Thanks for stepping out of the shadows and saying hello.
  4. Mike M

    New Zealand checking in

    Welcome Paul. Glad to have you aboard.
  5. Mike M

    Pork butt issue not all that tender

    I like pork butts and I can not lie. Another good source
  6. Mike M

    Hello from NSW, Australia

    Welcome Brooke. Always nice to see a fellow Australian, .... oh wait I'm just an Australian wannabe. Now that I think about it, you guys have some pretty mean snakes and spiders. Perhaps I'm better off right where I am. So welcome from afar. :mug:
  7. Mike M

    Howdy from Texas!

    Welcome. Ummm ... the fact that you already have your next two batches planned is a sign that the obsession is working on you. Resistance is futile. :mug:
  8. Mike M

    Steaming Crabs

    Big Daddy knows. :mug: J.O. is to Old Bay as Centennial is to Cascade.
  9. Mike M

    Old Timer Sayings

    Up and down more than a whore's nightie More mouth than a bucket full of catfish When the weather is hot and sticky That's no time for dipping dicky When the frost is on the pumpkin That's the time for dicky dunkin
  10. Mike M

    Howdy from Humboldt

    Hello back at ya. Welcome!
  11. Mike M

    Steaming Crabs

    Or J.O.
  12. Mike M

    Hello from Delaware

    ... and the morgue in Dover. Welcome fellow First Stater. We're glad you joined. What's brewing?
  13. Mike M

    Things one guy should NEVER say to another guy

    In keeping with the spirit of this thread, I offer this tip: never pay off a bet or debt in the men's room
  14. Mike M


    Welcome aboard!. And now the wait. Better get started on your next brew, to keep your mind off of the first. It is a vicious cycle
  15. Mike M

    A Sad Day For Russian River Brewing...

    Why do bad things happen to good beer? :(
  16. Mike M

    The "Not your average wort aeration" Thread...

    Thanks for the link.
  17. Mike M

    Midwest Supplies

    It's a tough world out there. 4 Russians, 1 Ukrainian charged in massive hacking
  18. Mike M

    Hello from British Columbia!

    Welcome and pester away.
  19. Mike M

    Hello all, new to this whole thing.

    For many it is a journey into obsession. Welcome.
  20. Mike M

    don't taste like beer.

    Bitter may not be entirely unexpected, depending on your recipe and procedure. Nasty, well that needs more explanation. What type of beer, when did you brew, what was the starting gravity and where is it now? It may very well be nasty and unrecoverable, but you'll want to know why...