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  1. rodrigcz08

    Isolated Yeast (Tree House): How to Identify and Characterize?

    Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to blend the yeast for a 3 gallon batch? Would more yeast be better? I was thinking of trying a 3 gallon batch with 92.0% 2-Row, 5.0% Carafoam, 2.5% Caramunich II. Just not sure the best way to go about blending the yeast. Thanks!
  2. rodrigcz08

    Receipe Critique - American Pale Ale

    Hi All, I have been out of the homebrewing game for a little while due to life getting in the way but will be attending a beer fest this Saturday so I know I will get the itch to brew some beer. I was hoping you kind folks could critique my recipe below. Extract brewer that is going for...
  3. rodrigcz08

    Keg Help - Not Sure What's Happening

    Not sure what to do I released all the pressure in the keg this morning and set it at 10psi. I am at work right now so it will be sitting like that for probably another 8 hours. Will this just increase the problem? I guess I should have shut the gas off and just let it rest. Also, I cam...
  4. rodrigcz08

    Keg Help - Not Sure What's Happening

    So here is my situation I racked a pale ale into my keg on Sunday and set it to 40psi and let it sit for 24, then I lowered it to 20psi and let it sit for another 24 hours. Last night I lowered it to 10psi to try it and all I got was foam. I opened the keg, which I’m sure ill get blasted for...
  5. rodrigcz08

    Mini-fridge for one corny and one 1/6 barrel

    I know you said you wanted to be < 200 but if you really want one that will for sure fit a ball lock and 1/6 keg, go with the Danby DAR044A5BSLDD. I got mine off amazon $229 but looks like the price might be down to $202. Only modification I had to do was cut the shelf holder off the door. I...
  6. rodrigcz08

    Recipe Critique

    Hello All, Wondering if you would be so kind as to critique my recipe below. This is the first time I will be creating a recipe on my own so would love to get some feedback. Style I am going for is a solid Centennial Ale. 8oz Caramel 20L 8oz Aromatic 6lb Light DME 1lb Corn...
  7. rodrigcz08

    2 Week Primary & Then Keg

    One other question, I really want to hit the correct color this time. My other homebrew's have all turned out darker then expected. I have the ability to boil 3.5 gallons right now, I know doing a full boil will help which I plan to switch to later. If I add half of the extract at 60min and...
  8. rodrigcz08

    2 Week Primary & Then Keg

    Awesome, really appreciate the feedback. As I said I'm relatively new to home brewing and have always thought longer = better but recently I read a few threads and articles saying ales and ipa's are best fresh and two weeks is fine. Thanks again for the responses.
  9. rodrigcz08

    2 Week Primary & Then Keg

    Hello All, To make a long story short I have a party coming up on 11/25 and want to have a fresh brew ready to go. Life got in the way and I am a little short on time. The style I am thinking of brewing is a pale ale (sierra nevada clone) type. My plan is to brew on Friday 11/6 and let...