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  1. GRHunter

    Getting back into brewing

    For a variety of reasons I haven't brewed much in the last year. But my son will soon be coming home from his latest deployment in Afghanistan and he asked if I could brew up some beer for him. Needless to say, I quickly got some motivation to quench his thirst and with back to back to back to...
  2. 20 gallons

    20 gallons

  3. GRHunter

    Starter out of control

    It's Sunday night and I don't have any "anti-foam". :( Sent from my iPhone using HB Talk
  4. GRHunter

    Starter out of control

    I made this starter about two hours ago. Almost immediately it started foaming out of the top of the beaker. Is there something I can do to bring this thing back under control? Sent from my iPhone using HB Talk
  5. Starter out of control.

    Starter out of control.

    Starter out of control.
  6. New


  7. GRHunter

    First brew-brewers best summer ale

    All of the Brewers Best kits that I have ever done suggest using a secondary, I never did. The only time I ever do a secondary is if I am adding fresh fruit, dry hopping, or aging my beer in excess of 6 weeks prior to kegging. I avoid secondaries mainly because I am lazy. The benefits simply...
  8. GRHunter

    This is it!

    Just relax and enjoy the process. Your first few brew days will seem kind of hectic and you'll have several moments where you think you've ruined your beer. As you get your process down it will get easier and your brewing days will get shorter. I will leave you with two pieces of advice. First...
  9. GRHunter

    How much propane per brew

    I never have to fill my propane tank, I have an all electric system now. :D Prior to that I used Blue Rhino tanks for 5 gallon batches over a 99,000 btu burner. I averaged about 3 batches per tank, usually running out of gas somewhere in the middle of the fourth. :(
  10. GRHunter

    Greenlee Punch Question

    I believe that 1/2" conduit requires a 7/8" hole, so you should be just fine. People run into a problem when they buy a 1/2" conduit punch and expect to get a 1/2" hole. But to put your mind at ease I would do what kellzey suggested and test in on a piece of scrap metal.
  11. GRHunter

    Auber 2362 wiring

    I had the same problem, this fixed it for me.
  12. GRHunter

    DIY Stir Plate... Worth It?

    I agree 100%
  13. GRHunter

    P-J is the electric Yoda.

    Yoda is the Jedi P-J.
  14. GRHunter

    Fermentation temp

    What is the fermentation temperature range of Muntons Active Yeast? There is no information on the package or their web site.
  15. GRHunter

    minimum volume

    Same for mine, about 3-4 gallons. I am using a 15.5 gallon kettle.
  16. GRHunter

    Chilling wort

    Hmmmmm .... that does sound mighty appealing. I think I'll get a hop bag first and see how much trub it leaves. If it is a very small amount, then the plate chiller would be the way to go. As far as leaks go, how would you know if your plate chiller had a leak?
  17. GRHunter

    Chilling wort

    I am assuming that you normally go straight from the kettle, through the CFC, then to the fermenter? At least that is how I believe that a CFC can be used. Is this correct? Also, if it takes you 20 minutes for 10 gallons I guess that means that you must run the wort through at a relatively...
  18. GRHunter

    Chilling wort

    First off, I have to say that I absolutely love my new electric brewing system. Because my equipment has changed I am finding that I need to modify some of my processes. I have always used an IC and have been happy with the results. Unfortunately with the addition of a heating element only about...
  19. GRHunter

    Has anyone that went electric ever went back to gas?

    Seems like a strange place to take a poll like this.