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  1. PintOfBitter

    steam infusion of flavor into rice

    This sounds awesome - you shouldn't end up with any hops bitterness at all, just the aromatics. The volatiles might be driven off during fermentation somewhat.. If so, you could dry hop it after the fact. We all know how that works. If you try it, you'd better report back.
  2. PintOfBitter

    Keg conditioning

    What I'd do is chill the keg, put it on pressure, burp the headspace, then shake it - it'll carb up in just a few minutes. I usually boost the pressure pretty high, but that can result in overshooting your carbonation. Leave it at the pressure prescribed for your temperature and style carb...
  3. PintOfBitter

    Pasteurization methods to stabilize bottled fermented apple cider

    That's an interesting point. The main reason to keep temp ambient would be to keep the water temperature from spiking too high. My experiment required a remote thermometer into a control bottle, so I wouldn't really have been able to carry it off without the seals removed, anyway. If you...
  4. PintOfBitter

    A couple of quick questions

    As far as a tower goes, good deals can be had pretty often on ebay (I scored one for $30), or you can often find good deals on shanks/goosenecks/faucets to build your own. Building one is pretty trivial and will cost less if you get used/cheap components, but you'll want to put some extra time...
  5. PintOfBitter

    How do you deal with plugged Fermenator issues?

    Those of you with conicals, specifically Blichmann, do you have issues with the dump port plugging with break material and/or yeast sediment? How do you deal with this? I have the NPT version of the 14 gallon Fermentator, and have been able to pressurize the fermenter to get the cack...
  6. PintOfBitter

    Chimay Cheese - Tried it?

    Hmm ok, thanks for the input. I may have to drop 9 bones and give it a try. Sorry to hear your experience wasn't great, clonefarmer. Hopefully I will have better luck. Also, MalFet - do you have to rub it in? ;)
  7. PintOfBitter

    Chimay Cheese - Tried it?

    No offense, but are you a fan of strong, ripened cheese?
  8. PintOfBitter

    Dojo IPA (Mojo Clone)

    I was just thinking of starting another batch, too. Great stuff. Hope it turns out to your SWMBO's liking.
  9. PintOfBitter

    Chimay Cheese - Tried it?

    Just saw Chimay brand beer cheese in one of the nicer supermarkets in town. Unfortunately, a small wedge was over $9. It was priced at $26/lb. It is a soft cheese with a nice looking rind on it. The Chimay label says "Met Bier" but the supermarket-printed label on the wedge just had the...
  10. PintOfBitter

    Super Awesome Lemongrass Soda

    I've been using GBP for the past month or so, just for ginger beer. My kids love the stuff. It may be that it wouldn't thrive quite as well with other ingredients, but if you kept the acid level about the same, it should at least work to some degree.
  11. PintOfBitter

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    That all depends on if you think it needs the extra time to clear or mature. I'm assuming your grav is stabilized.
  12. PintOfBitter

    Water Joe...anyone tried this yet?

    Could the mystery agent possibly be Miracle Berry? That would be perfect to mask the bitterness. Sent from my DROIDX using Home Brew Talk
  13. PintOfBitter

    First Big Beer - Didn't Make a Starter, am I in Trouble?

    you can pitch more up until a point, but if you pitch fresh yeast into a high alcohol environment, they'll pretty much shut down. Speaking from lots of experience - I had a string of 3 high grav beers that were way underattenuated, and not salvageable even after multiple repitches (dry, liquid...
  14. PintOfBitter

    First Big Beer - Didn't Make a Starter, am I in Trouble?

    My advice with a beer that big is definitely pitch more. In my experience, this will finish very high, but I haven't used 1271.
  15. PintOfBitter

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    OK so after I laughed so hard at your gravity issues, I overshot my brew today by 40%. Whoa. How... It was my own recipe, so I can only blame myself or the software. I still can't figure out how Beersmith was so far off. Ended up making a 10 gallon batch out of it just to hit my gravity...
  16. PintOfBitter

    Crushing your own grains

    Good to hear. I used one (the grinding plate was more sharply serrated than the common "old fashioned" style) and it really did not work out at all.
  17. PintOfBitter

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Dude you totally just brewed an Imperial Cream Ale. Epic.
  18. PintOfBitter

    First time kegging questions

    my bet is on sticky regulator. your tank won't start losing pressure until it is absolutely completely empty.
  19. PintOfBitter

    Houston Brewston

  20. PintOfBitter

    Crushing your own grains

    you want the husks to remain whole, while crushing the grain itself as well as possible. The rotating wheel "Corona" style mills don't seem to work all that well because they tear the husk apart, but you can get by, especially if you're just crushing steeping grains for an extract brew session.