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  1. EODstads

    Brew Kettle Selection Help

    You will start to have issues using the stove at any higher volumes. As for kettle price sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you don't. I personally wish I had gone with brewer's hardware kettles but if I was you looking to keep to 5 gallon batches then a 10 gallon bayou classic pot...
  2. EODstads

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    c'mon big winner!!
  3. EODstads

    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    BEYAAAAAA! I'm in!
  4. EODstads

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    sweet baby's sooooo PRETTY:pipe:
  5. EODstads

    Software or pen and paper?

    I did my first batch pen and paper, upgraded to iBrewmaster for a few batches and then upgraded again to BeerSmith. I have it on my iPhone as well and I can view/edit recipes and share vie their cloud server with other people and get their opinion. I think that it is easier to actually design...
  6. EODstads

    EOD Deployment Video

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> My EOD team video for this deployment. Looking forward to getting home and making some beer!
  7. EODstads

    Stir Plate X 4

    that is freakin awesome!:rockin:
  8. EODstads

    WTF happened??????

    I recently read a yeast book written by the guy who operates white labs. Unfortunately I sent the book home already (as I am in Afghanistan) so I can't directly quote it but I am fairly certain that when I get home ill be able to quickly find the reference for you
  9. EODstads

    need advice - low ABV and OG

    a couple questions. 1. Are you using a beer software or doing lang math to figure your ABV? 2. After you transferred was there still airlock activity? If it was my batch I would allow it to sit for a while longer and see where the FG goes. If all activity has stopped than you can attempt to...
  10. EODstads

    WTF happened??????

    you gotta also be careful when cold crashing too quickly because if you shock the yeast too much it can release esters that you may not want in your beer. Personally no more than 3 degrees per day is what I would recommend
  11. EODstads

    My semi walkin 5000 btu fermentation chamber

    looks badass....I'm thinking of making my own now. SUBRSCRIBED!
  12. EODstads

    Yeast starterfor Oktoberfest

    I was assuming a stir plate was in the works somewhere in this...good point though, if no stir plate then 4L is needed..thanks for the save
  13. EODstads

    Most annoying response when you tell someone you're a homebrewer?

    most people seem to just be scared of anything that isn't a yellow fizzy watery beverage....we must EDUCATE! ha:ban:
  14. EODstads

    Yeast starterfor Oktoberfest

    if that is the case and the yeast was new you would need about a 2l starter so I would do a second stage. You SHOULD be fine pitching what you have though.
  15. EODstads

    Yeast starterfor Oktoberfest

    would it be safe to assume that you used a 100 billion cell pack, liquid type yeast?
  16. EODstads

    Yeast starterfor Oktoberfest

    it would depend a lot on the projected OG and the volume of wort you are going to be fermenting. If you shoot me the details I am more than willing to do the calculations for you.
  17. EODstads

    My RIMS

    Check out my research I have been doing on my thread and if you have any input let me know:
  18. EODstads

    My RIMS

    I get home sometime (hopefully) early august and I am putting a RIMS system together as well. I'm gonna keep an eye on yours and see what happens! :mug: