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  1. nekrowizard

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    first brew in a while, starting a gallon of cyser today :)
  2. nekrowizard

    Massachusetts FS: 10 gal kegs

    If you're still interested in February, I'll be in the area and am happy to take the 5gal keg
  3. nekrowizard

    For Sale (Twin Cities, MN) 60lb bucket of Costco honey, will deliver. Best offer!

    I have a 60lb bucket of honey sitting in my basement. I got it for $60, but now I just want it gone because I'm moving in a month. The store price is now $130. I have not opened it, and am sad I never got to brew with it. Name your price, I'm open to unique trades.
  4. nekrowizard

    Gone green!

    If you have really stubborn spots you could make a paste out of PBW and lemon juice
  5. nekrowizard

    Cider DIDN'T get better with age! Why??

    How you taste something will vary day by day, and I find that my general alcohol palette is inconsistent. Give your yeast more time to clean up the weird/harsh stuff in there. Time is a free ingredient! Don't throw away a batch based on a slightly off taste from one bottle, unless you know for...
  6. nekrowizard

    How long will frozen yeast last in glycerin solution?

    I like your freezer setup. I've done this for cells at work and yeast at home. Mix the glycerol in as best you can, if you can get an old vortex to agitate your tubes, that would be awesome. No such thing as too many freezer stocks, every time you thaw cells it's kind of a crapshoot, even in a...
  7. nekrowizard

    Explosion waiting to happen

    Would love to but it's in a research building
  8. nekrowizard

    Explosion waiting to happen

    I have a minifridge that isn't too important to me. I truly don't care about gushing or even the beverage itself so much as getting rid of the bottle bombs. There'll be other brewskis. Thinking about hooking the fridge up, getting it chilled, and then cold crashing the explosive bottles. Would...
  9. nekrowizard

    Explosion waiting to happen

    sounds great, what do you reccomend for face protection?
  10. nekrowizard

    Explosion waiting to happen

    I made a fruit mead with some wild yeast, and panic bottled it a month into fermentation at the start of the pandemic. This was extremely dumb, I have since learned patience and why this is a terrible idea. I bottled in standard 12floz beer bottles, some have exploded and there is a sticky...
  11. nekrowizard

    Cider recipe from a dream

    Decided that I'm not that beholden to my vision. I've picked ~20 pounds of Seckel pears, and I am ready to press and pitch with D47, and then add 1lb or so of raspberries before bottling, and oak or add raspberry extract as needed. I'm alright with it turning out a little sweet. Thanks all.
  12. nekrowizard

    Twin Cities, MN, FREE D-47 packets (4)

    Nothing personal, brewed a couple of batches with Lalvin D-47, and learned that I don't like it. I would like to see my yeast find a loving home in someone else's fermentor. Open to trade as well.
  13. nekrowizard

    Cleaning Glass Carboy

    Any speck of dirt could have spoilage microbes on it. You can't see microbes, so it's safe to assume that any dirt you see can contaminate your cider. PBW and multiple hot rinses are never a bad idea. Carboy brushes are great at scrubbing all the detritus you get on the bottom.
  14. nekrowizard

    Cider recipe from a dream

    First time cider brewer. I have some experience with beer and mead. A couple weeks ago I had a wonderful dream where I visited a friend's dream cidery, and she gave me a glass of cider, and it was delicious. Lightly colored, smelled fruity (darker berries) and slightly floral. A little acidic...