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  1. Hang Glider

    Music Match

    Year of the Cat - Al Stewart (one of my favorites!)
  2. Hang Glider

    Music Match

    Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin
  3. Hang Glider

    Music Match

    Grandma's Hands - Bill Withers
  4. Hang Glider

    RIP John Prine

    late to the thread, but I loved that man's music. I saw him in '76 or '77 with Steve Goodman, two great folk artists. No one else on stage. I really liked the older political and statement pieces - Sam Stone, Hello in There, Paradise, and even the odd Come Back To Us, Barbara Lewis...
  5. Hang Glider

    What RPM do you run your grain mill at?

    old DC gearmotor makes for a speedy 62 rpm for mine - but y'know, I dump the grain in and go wash big deal
  6. Hang Glider

    How to add permanent volume markings to a kettle (illustrated)

    I couldn't get it to work either - fortunately I have a car battery charger that worked great! I used the black wire to clamp onto the handle of the pot.
  7. Hang Glider

    Show us your DIY stir plate!

    Beer is skunked by ultraviolet light, but it takes a combination of the hops, yeast, and barley all together to make that result. I cannot imagine yeast, by itself, is light sensitive in this regard. just my $0.02 :)
  8. Hang Glider

    Win a Ss Brewtech Keg WaSsher!

    oh, me, me, me...over here... waving hands vigorously...
  9. Hang Glider

    S-shaped vs 3-piece airlock

    I start with a blow-off tube in a spare growler and never seem to remember to change it out -
  10. Hang Glider

    Win a Spike Brewing CF5 Conical Unitank!

    indeed, quite interested, yes please!
  11. Hang Glider

    Anybody up for a riddle?

    I hope the last line is not true! Bad news, sorry to hear!
  12. Hang Glider

    Anybody up for a riddle?

    Of course you're correct, my fine large Dragon The turn is yours, commence your braggin'
  13. Hang Glider

    Dry hop: before or after fermentation is over?

    Welcome! Dry Hopping is adding hops for aroma and flavor anytime AFTER fermentation is complete.
  14. Hang Glider

    Anybody up for a riddle?

    Fret not, my dear brew friend, the answer is taught in kindergarten. (Or even before, for parents that fret) but most of us nod, if eyes are met.
  15. Hang Glider

    Anybody up for a riddle?

    No onions, no garlic, no salt, no beaver. When consonants can't touch, nor vowels, either. No pepper, no broth, only water will do I don't think I would like this stew. _________________________ Of them beware - keep your distance, What happens to them is none of your business. But talk to...
  16. Hang Glider

    Show us your Kegerator

    accurate pressure readings... I keep mine inside, I have plenty of space, but the pressure reading on a chilled tank is different - that and my regulator gauges are beginning to rust...
  17. Hang Glider

    Fermenter locations

    Welcome ! keep in mind fermenting yeast RAISE the temperature inside your fermenters - comfortable room temps are too warm for ale yeasts... I've measured mine and found a 10°F differential...(thought it was 64F, was really 74F...) Temp control is by far the single best thing I've ever done to...
  18. Hang Glider

    Fermentation FAQ - urgent

    Probably done. If your beer has been 28C for the entire time, that is a hot ferment. Most ale yeasts like temperature ranges below 20 - you'll get a much better flavor, and it will take the expected several days. Check your yeast website for the preferred temperature range - and keep in mind...
  19. Hang Glider

    Beer Bottle Labels?

    I've always just printed on a decent quality paper (24#, or sometimes 'presentation' paper) and used a glue stick on the back. Labels are pricey until you buy hundreds... Soaking them in warm water, with a little oxyclean or pbw usually does the trick.
  20. Hang Glider


    I lost my sweet male Himalayan flame-point to cancer a few years back. (earlier post) He was the best cat I ever had. In these last couple years, I've met a wonderful woman whose only discernible fault is a dislike of beer, but she encourages my habit/hobby, so no worries. She brought two...