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  1. KerryD

    Fermented too long?

    Damn.... I know that flavor well.... it would have been kick ass in about 8 months.
  2. KerryD

    Name that Infection!

    It was before I dry hopped. I'm going to bottle it tomorrow and we'll see what happens.
  3. KerryD

    Name that Infection!

    So with Lacto do I toss it or rack out from under it? The sample was clear and the taste was fine.
  4. KerryD

    Name that Infection!

    I've seen pictures of this one, but I can't find a good descriptor of what to expect... the sample tasted fine. It's been in 2 weeks, I dry hopped today and this was waiting for me.....
  5. KerryD

    Cleaning bottles

    I have some buddies that bring me empties. Some have been sitting in their garage for a month without ever being rinsed. I leave them immersed in an oxyclean mix and within two days or so, all the gunk lets loose and floats out of the bottles.
  6. KerryD

    Just don't get it

    IPA's are what got me into homebrewing. I love big flavors. I'm mostly a "c" hops guy though I had no idea what that was before stepping off into all this. On the other hand, I don't care for fruit beers. Different strokes... it's all good.
  7. KerryD

    bottling problems

    I'd suggest flipping the grommet. It's worth a try. I've had some problems specifically with the new smooth EZ Cap bottles. I ended up adding some sugar after about 10 weeks and no carb and as anyone who has ever done that will attest, it will cause instant foaming. I re-sealed fast and my...
  8. KerryD

    Maris Otter and Dough Balls

    Used MO for the first time yesterday. I had some dough balls and I also had a stuck sparge for the first time. I'm using a modified cooler with stainless braid. I more or less use two equal batches of water. Add water and then grain. Looks like a Rice Hull purchase is in my future.
  9. KerryD

    Be Careful. Hot burners, asphalt, and 10gal batches don't mix.

    OK, I'm sorry but that's pretty much a "Duh!" moment. :p
  10. KerryD

    First AG tonight. Your thoughts on my recipe?

    Sounds like a nice beer! If you've never done a beer with all crystal hops, I'd go ahead and go with what you posted.
  11. KerryD

    EZ Cap Bottles lose all carbonation upon chilling

    Thanks for the update. I've been fighting carb isssues on one batch in the newer ez cap bottles. The ones with the smooth sides. I decided to add a little sugar and yeast and on at least one of them, it's definitely a seal problem. Caught it bubbling right past the rubber seal a day or so...
  12. KerryD

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    THAT is friggin amazing! Cheers to you!:mug:
  13. KerryD

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    One package will work just fine.
  14. KerryD

    Bad experience with Williams Brewing

    And then you complained. That means you felt you were owed more than what you originally agreed to. Hence, you felt you were indeed entitled to something more. Otherwise you wouldn't have complained. It's a textbook case.
  15. KerryD

    Primary Fermenter temp too high?

    You should be ok, but some kind of swamp cooler set up wouldn't hurt. Use the search function and swamp cooler, you'll see.
  16. KerryD

    Bottling bucket as primary?

    With good sanitation techniques ported primaries aren't a problem.
  17. KerryD

    Bad experience with Williams Brewing

    Yes, exactly, you felt you were entitled to more than a refund and when you didn't get it you came on here and whined hoping you could hurt them for not caving in and "making you whole."
  18. KerryD

    Bad experience with Williams Brewing

    Yes, exactly, you felt entitled to more than a refund.
  19. KerryD

    Safale US-05 Attenuation

    I used a rehydrated pack on 1.080 Barelywine... I checked it after 7 days and it was at 1.010.