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  1. MCHB

    Bad smell after protein rest

    Hi everyone I have brewed a pilsner lager. as my friend recommended me for protein rest good consequence in lagering, I did it but after protein rest I found a bed smell in kettle, that it continued also in boiling and also after fermentation. Now it is good carbonated beer in bottle, but I...
  2. MCHB

    Freezing beer 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Hi everyone I put my carboy in chest in order to finning by gelatin. Unfortunately because of a problem in thermostat, my beer was frozen 🤦🏻‍♂️. It is defrosted now. Is it okay now or I should threw away it? Next steps will be finning by gelatin and then bottling and carbonation by sugar. Will...
  3. MCHB

    Suitable acid for adjusting PH

    Hi everyone Usually I adjust PH for mashing grain by Lactic Acid, but I have Tartaric acid available now. Is it also suitable for adjusting PH for mashing or I should buy Lactic acid?
  4. MCHB


    Hi everyone This is my first attempt to make white wine. Now fermentation is over and I am in finning process. I haven’t adjusted PH before fermentation. now my PH is 4.5 that is high for white wine. Is it possible to adjust the PH by now? or should it have been done before?
  5. MCHB

    Finning white wine

    Hi everyone This is my first attempt on making white wine, now it’s on cold crash process. after that I am going to use bentonite for finning. I have 2 questions. First, which temperature is the best for adding bentonite? and after that how long and in which temperature it should be to best...
  6. MCHB

    bottling lager

    First thanks for your answer, then do you recommend lagering before carbonation ( for me it’s in carboy) or lagering after finishing carbonation on bottle? Thanks
  7. MCHB

    bottling lager

    Hi everyone This is my first attempt to make a lager. now my batch is on lagering step. next week I’m going to bottling. Should I store the bottles in room temperature (for me it’s 22°) same as Ale?
  8. MCHB

    Best Sugar

    Hi Friends I am brewing all grain beer. I have two kinds of sugar available, fructose and glucose(corn) , which one is better for fermentation and carbonation? or no deference? Thanks
  9. MCHB

    taste of hops

    Hi everyone I have brewed an American IPA, now it’s on dry hops step. if I put the batch in cold crash process and then clarify it too much (by clarifying products) will I waste my hops aromas or will I lose my IPA feature ? or it doesn’t depend on clarification?
  10. MCHB

    high temperature on stirring plate

    Hi everyone I made an starter on stir plate, after 6 hours i understood that temperature on the flask rises to 34 degrees centigrade probably because of high round speed or may my stir plate problem. May there be problem for yeast? that result to fail the starter? ( temperature of room is about...
  11. MCHB

    After cold crash

    Hi everyone I am going to take a batch into the cold crash for 3 weeks, after this process will be any yeast alive for carbonation in bottle? if it will not, what is the solution? Thanks
  12. MCHB

    Mangrove Yeast

    Thanks Yes, it’s 5 gallons batch
  13. MCHB

    Mangrove Yeast

    Hi everyone I am going to brew a high gravity (between 1.075 to 1.080) IPA by Manrove jacks M-42 yeast, for making starter formula I need to know about number of viable cells, I read in the producer website and find these information: (VIABLE YEAST CELLS: >5 x 1 billion cells per gram DRY...
  14. MCHB

    High Final Gravity

    Thanks for your information, I ask additional yeast “Safale F-2” that is specially for second fermentation, not normal yeast, in this case do you also recommend it ?
  15. MCHB

    High Final Gravity

    I usually brew all grain but this batch was by extract (my first time by extract)
  16. MCHB

    High Final Gravity

    I measured by hydrometer
  17. MCHB

    High Final Gravity

    17 to 18 degrees celsius
  18. MCHB

    High Final Gravity

    Hi everyone I have brewed an ale by Safale-04 (1.5 liters starter) but after 15 days my final gravity is 1.022😐 , I think it’s too high (OG was 1.070). I should wait more or Can I use “Safale F-2” ? or should do nothing? I read in website that F-2 is for second fermentation.
  19. MCHB

    long fermentation 😳

    Hi everyone I am brewing an 18 liters batch with s-04 yeast and OG: 1.060 , on 17 or 18 celsius temperatures, 4 weeks finished but it is bubbling yet every 5 minutes, should I wait more until stop bubbling or fermentation is over? note that i didn’t make starter.
  20. MCHB

    lager brewing

    because my lager yeast will arrive 20 days later, but with explanation of all guys i decided to brew this batch an ale and waiting for my lager yeast for next batch 😉 thanks everyone