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  1. seanoj

    Warm beer suggestion needed

    Weird request: I am going on an 8 day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon this summer. It's going to be great. My friend who has done it numerous times in the past says, after 5 or 6 days, the ice in the beer chest is melted and the last two days involve warm beer, tepid river water and hot...
  2. seanoj

    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    I used this: 6x4x2 inches. It is snug in depth, but roomy otherwise.
  3. seanoj

    Clarity in Question The above stuff will kill chill haze. It also helps bring other proteins out of your beer, including Gluten. I used it for that reason (attempting to come up with a tolerable beer for an intolerant friend). A guy did a video...
  4. seanoj

    We want YOUR feedback on our new site, HBT! -- Kegconnection

    I would like to get involved as well.
  5. seanoj


    I have an interesting problem... I had a powerful chlorophenolic flavor in my latest batch of California Lager. This was a split batch (10 gallons of wort split into two fermenters). One batch was on White Labs Cal Common yeast and the other on a Kolsch yeast. The Kolsch yeast batch...
  6. seanoj

    2013 NHC first round results?

    My two cents: If you want an "elite" competition, make one. With the proper marketing and higher entry fees, you could narrow the field, pay decent judges and offer prize money. This is what I think the hobby lacks for some. I think NHC is cool because anyone can enter. I think allowing...
  7. seanoj

    Do you use teflon tape?
  8. seanoj

    CO2 Regulator
  9. seanoj

    Quality Hydrometer Replacement

    My son was assisting on my last brew day and broke my brother in law's hydrometer. It was the one he began brewing with 20 years ago and he is a bit upset about it. He bought it at San Diego Homebrew Mart before Ballast Point Brewery. I would like to replace it with a super high quality...
  10. seanoj

    Belgian IPA

    We brewed this yesterday. Looking forward to trying it. Three errors: Missed on the mash temp but a single decoction brought it back up quickly. Forgot to add the oats for the first 30 minutes of the mash. Also managed to leave the boil kettle valve open and lost a pint or so of first...
  11. seanoj

    Must see breweries before you die!

    Bucket list must include a few Belgian breweries. I would love to hang at Phantome for an afternoon...
  12. seanoj

    Belgian IPA

    Did you do anything interesting with the oats? Cook them on the stove first? Going to give it a shot tomorrow. Looks like a lot of fun. -Sean
  13. seanoj

    What's the best lhbs in SoCal? La/oc

    Just realized you were asking aobut stores (listed by club associated with store): Maltose Falcons - home beer wine cheese in Woodland hills. - I go here a lot. very good Pacific Gravity - Culver City HBS - Have been here infrequently since I moved...
  14. seanoj

    What's the best lhbs in SoCal? La/oc - Currently a member -Was a member - Thinking about joining Maltose Falcons are hard core. Oldest club in the nation. Lots of events. Super smart brewers. Helpful and friendly. Unfortunately, I usually...
  15. seanoj

    Chest Freezer for 4 Carboy Chamber

    I bought a Whirlpool 14.8cf chest freezer (Model number EH151FXTQ) for ~$400 delivered from Lowes. I put two 6.5gal carboys and two 6.0gal carboys (10 gals each of a popcorn pilsner and an Oktoberfest) in it yesterday. I am using a Ranco analog controller until my digital unit arrives from...
  16. seanoj

    Must see breweries before you die!

    Anchor- Call at least a month ahead. Old place. Open fermenters. Kona- Nice restaurant and nothing sucks about Hawaii Stone - Super cool place. Always brewing. Go on a Wednesday and drink beer and watch movies outside. Coors- been a long time but cool to see a huge brewery in action The...
  17. seanoj

    Chest Freezer for 4 Carboy Chamber

    Thanks. The 14.8ft is probably the one I will get. $50 more and 6" longer but I think I will not regret having the extra space. I will try my template trick on every freezer at Lowes and post results. I use these...
  18. seanoj

    Chest Freezer for 4 Carboy Chamber

    I saw this guy using a 15ft for 4 carboys: Still hoping to get something a bit smaller to hold 4...
  19. seanoj

    Chest Freezer for 4 Carboy Chamber

    The 8.8 ft that I have now is working perfectly for a 10 gallon batch. I just find myself wiht a lager in the box and wanting to do an ale. I was thinking that with an 8.8 and a 14.8 (or smaller) I could have 4 carboys lagering and 2 carboys chugging at ale temps. Maybe even have one double...
  20. seanoj

    Grain Mill?

    I have this one and it rocks: Bought it after NHC last year and, while it won't pay for itself for many years, is is built to last long enough for that to happen. -Sean