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  1. LLBeanJ

    List matching wyeast/white labs strains to commercial breweries
  2. LLBeanJ

    Sweet Stout Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

    I think that common logic would state that the way to deal with varying efficiencies would be to adjust then entire recipe proportionally, but my in my own experience I have found that I prefer the results from just tweaking the base grain amounts and leaving the specialty grains unchanged. In...
  3. LLBeanJ

    Sweet Stout Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

    Anytime you take someone else's recipe and brew it, you should be adjusting it for your own equipment. I assume most seasoned brewers do that, but I would imagine that lesser experienced ones might not. I BIAB, so I have no hot side losses and typically do 90 min boils so my BHE is usually...
  4. LLBeanJ


    My wife and I visited France a couple months back and got to spend a few days in Normandy. Of course we hit some of the the D-Day sites including Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc, and the American Military Cemetery at Colleville, which overlooks Omaha Beach. While at the cemetery, we noticed several...
  5. LLBeanJ

    Help with Ale Pail "closed" transfer

    I swap a 3/8" OD swivel nut barb fitting onto my MFL QD when I do closed transfers to the keg.
  6. LLBeanJ

    Sweet Stout Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

    Yeah, you've got it right. Just increase the base & flaked grains to bring the OG up to where you want it.
  7. LLBeanJ

    Corny ball lock quick disconnect question

    Do yourself a favor and go with MFL disconnects. You will have more options and they will be well worth the nominal higher cost when you need to take them apart for cleaning. You can get swivel barbs in several different sizes that thread onto the 1/4" MFL disconnects. With PVC tubing, I always...
  8. LLBeanJ

    Dual pressure regulator

    Taprites are great regulators. I have several and they are excellent. When you need to bleed pressure, use the PRV on the keg (assuming the keg has one).
  9. LLBeanJ

    Bavarian Hefeweizen water profile

    I may have been a bit matter-of-fact in my "under no circumstances" statement and after some reflection, I feel I should dial that back a bit. Certainly, there are situations where it would be appropriate to add a little bit of acid, however in my case, I have been refraining from adding acid to...
  10. LLBeanJ

    Bavarian Hefeweizen water profile

    Check out Weyermann Dark Wheat. That plus Pils will get you a darker, more orange Hefeweizen. In lieu of that, you can add a bit of CaraMunich. Subbing out some of the Pils for Munich and/or Melanoiden malt will yield a more colorful Hefe, too. As will a longer boil (say 90 or 120 minutes).
  11. LLBeanJ

    Bavarian Hefeweizen water profile

    I don't think I'm gaining anything, but I know I'm getting a more authentic Hefeweizen. Contrary to popular belief, this style is one of the most difficult to nail. I can brew a clean pils lager with no off flavors all day any day, but I've had my share of struggles trying to brew a Hefeweizen...
  12. LLBeanJ

    Bavarian Hefeweizen water profile

    This would be my question, too. Followed by... are you planning to do an acid rest? If so, I wouldn't acidify the water at all. In fact, I wouldn't acidify the water even if not doing an acid rest. The mash pH for a hefe should be higher than you'd normally think was safe. I tend to like my...
  13. LLBeanJ

    Great Western 2 row

    It's just regular ol' 2-row. Tastes pretty much the same as any other 2-row pale malt out there. Darker than pils, lighter than pale ale malt. Works for pretty much any style, though it may not be the best choice for certain styles. Would be a good choice for an IPA.
  14. LLBeanJ

    Cheap airfare finder they work?

    I use Kayak and have had pretty good luck. Just got back from a 10 day vacation in France and RT airfare from Denver to Paris was $350 (carry on only, which was fine). Mostly depends on when you book. Late summer for the following spring and just before Thanksgiving thru Christmas for the...
  15. LLBeanJ


    My wife and I were just there the week before last. Heartbreaking.
  16. LLBeanJ

    "All in" or through screen into fermenter? 5 oz. Whirlpool hops

    Yep, really. I've been dumping the whole works for years. Never give it a second thought anymore. I also leave my keg hops in until it's time to clean the keg. No adverse effects that I can discern.
  17. LLBeanJ

    noob kegerator issue...foaming on initial pour

    Just leave it on 24/7. It should be fine. I keep a fan running constantly in my keezer to keep the air circulating. I would think that it is pretty common. The physics are what they are (cold air sinks and warm air rises) and if there's no mechanism in place to drive cold air up into the...