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  1. mikebiewer

    Fermentation Temperature

    A quick search on google got me this. These guys are pretty cool to!
  2. mikebiewer

    Fermentation Temperature

    Agreed. Underneath my steps is about 65 and fluctuates 2 degrees on either side. Swamp cooler it is for me!
  3. mikebiewer

    Beer After Three Days - Bell's Oberon Review

    This is where I am at in my recipe formulation for this. Let me know what you think.
  4. mikebiewer

    Northern Brewer EPA 1040

    I've brewed this one a couple of times and I have to say it is a really solid and easy recipe. Definitely worth getting if you like EPA's. Here is some info on it. So that brings me to an extract Northern Brewer Pale Ale kit that I brewed up a couple months ago. I’ve done this recipe twice...
  5. mikebiewer

    My First Setup + First Ale Fermentation Pics

    Nice! My uncle is giving me his old set of gear this summer. I should end up with almost 2 of everything. Should make for a busy fall...
  6. mikebiewer

    Beer After Three Days - Bell's Oberon Review

    I did. This doesn't tell me much. Extract: 8 lb Liquid Malt Extract, 1 lb Base Grains. Unless I'm missing something on their site? Thanks!
  7. mikebiewer

    Beer After Three Days - Bell's Oberon Review

    Interesting. Wish they would put what's in the kit on the web page or allow me to download it so I can see what's in it :)
  8. mikebiewer

    Beer After Three Days - Bell's Oberon Review

    What was your clone recipe? Was it all grain? I'm thinking about doing the same thing, but I'm an extract / specialty grains guy for now. Thanks man!
  9. mikebiewer

    Beer After Three Days - Bell's Oberon Review

    I came out of institutionalization today to a drizzly mid day. I have to be honest, it was exactly how I felt. Things have been depressing and quite frankly, crappy all around. But I was struck with a realization that pierced my brain and instantly cheered me up. I had been on a three day hiatus...
  10. mikebiewer

    Funny Beer Commercials

    LOL. It is isn't it... I love these things...
  11. mikebiewer

    2010 Hops Gardens

    UPDATE: June 2010 Here is an update of my hops farm. Things are coming in, but we are dealing with some crazy ass thistles. Check it out. Hops Farm Update June 2010
  12. mikebiewer

    Smells like beer, taste like beer..

    Sounds like your right on track my friend. Good work and just let it go another week or two and you'll be good to go!
  13. mikebiewer

    Was in Japan - Hard Time Finding Beer

    Sounds like when my friend comes to visit in December I should ask if she would bring me some Hitachino stuff. I do have to agree that of all the mass produced stuff I like the Yebisu stuff the most. They had a Creamy Stout that was pretty good. Might have been because I hadn't had anything but...
  14. mikebiewer

    Funny Beer Commercials

    Hey guys, I was strolling around youtube the other night and I stumbled across a funny beer commercial. I thought, well, there has to be more! So I put together a list of 10 that I thought were the funniest. I'd love to hear your take or if you know of any others. Enjoy! 10 Funny Beer...
  15. mikebiewer

    Was in Japan - Hard Time Finding Beer

    I went to Japan a couple weeks ago to visit and see the country. I wasn't there on any beer related quests or anything, but I did notice it was hard to find anything for and for a decent price. So I've started a "guide" on my blog hoping to help anyone that is looking in the future. Check it...
  16. mikebiewer

    Brew I Found in Japan

    A Craft Beer I Found In Japan Roti's House in Tokyo Japan I was fortunate enough to actually find some local craft beer in Japan at a placed called Roti’s House which houses the Harvestmoon brewery. This brewery is located in the Ikspairi resort right outside of the Disneyland Tokyo...
  17. mikebiewer

    How to Brew by John Palmer

    Just finished reading a copy I purchased as well. Figured I'd post my thoughts in this thread. Seems to be the place for it, if not pull it out. Review of “How to Brew” by John Palmer If you recall I did an intro review of "How to Brew by John Palmer where I talked about how the book...
  18. mikebiewer

    Wort Cooling Method...??

    You make a great point. Now, and in the future water is going to become more and more scarce. I once heard WWIII is going to be fought over water, not oil... I may have to give it a try. I would assume if your sanitation is awesome, there won't be any side effects. I also like the real wort...
  19. mikebiewer

    First brew questions

    Looking good my friend! Nice job.
  20. mikebiewer

    Wort Cooling Method...??

    That looks really really interesting. I like the idea of the "Real Wort" starter. This facilitates a way to do that. Have you tried it?