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  1. thunderwagn

    Remove spunding valve for cold crash?

    I always remove mine, and typically go ahead and hook it up to co2. Whether that's right or wrong, I have no idea. But it works for me.
  2. thunderwagn

    Not Renewing BeerSmith3, Staying with Brewfather (Primary) & BeerSmith2 (Backup)

    For the first time in years, I'm not renewing my Brewersfriend subscription. I still have BS, but never use it. I've been using Brewfather exclusively for months now, and after a few bumps and hiccups, I have found it works great for me and my brewing set-up. After so many updates and problems...
  3. thunderwagn

    Distilling Legally? opinion, thoughts or ideas.

    Being tight lipped on home distilling is easy for me. Are there concerns about ordering distilling equipment?
  4. thunderwagn


    How do others like the counterflow chiller that comes with the GF? I've never used one and been really happy with my Jaded immersion chiller, and can chill 6 gallons in about 12 minutes or so to around 60f. New to the GF so just curious. My ground water temps this time of year are 50-52f.
  5. thunderwagn

    Fermenting under pressure and kegging

    I've got the Fermzilla 7.1 gallon, pressure kit and Blowtie spunding valve. Here's what I've been doing with success. After transfer to the fermzilla, I let the trub settle to the bottom collection chamber and empty. That's an optional step but much easier to do now if you don't want to ferment...
  6. thunderwagn

    No-Boil Recipes! New for 2019!

    Milk the Funk has a no boil Berliner recipe that is great extract or grain. I've had great results.
  7. thunderwagn

    Android App To Find Breweries Along Route

    This is actually a pretty impressive app. Imo it's what brewguru wished it could be. Maybe I'm missing something while testing it out, but it would be nice to just see all the breweries in the area without actually having to enter a route. **update** Now I see using the pindrop feature will...
  8. thunderwagn

    Emulating Bourbon Barrel Aging

    Thanks for the article Ted. I really appreciate those that take the time to put these quick read, informative articles together. Very well put together and just informative enough to keep it short and simple. You've set the groundwork for me to dig in a bit deeper!
  9. thunderwagn

    Berliner Weisse and Keg Connections

    Brewed my 1st no boil Berliner weisse following a base recipe on MTF using Goodbelly mango probiotic .This may be a dumb question, but I've got the sour on tap. I clean and sanitize my dispensing lines after every brew and I plan on keeping this keg and dispensing line reserved for sours...
  10. thunderwagn


    Guess it's all in what you want to do and what interests you. I didn't take the presentation as snotty at all. Anyone advertising has a sales pitch, and when I stopped by beermkr last night at GABF, they were anything but snotty. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Much more so than the...
  11. thunderwagn

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Brewing up another batch of this tomorrow. Adding a lb. of roasted jalapenos to the final 10 min of boil.
  12. thunderwagn

    Warm Fermented Lager Thread gets a bad rap. It's easier to point the finger at that and carbs than it is to pick up a barbell or god some type of cardio couple times a week...gulp... It's amazing what even a daily walk will do.
  13. thunderwagn

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals + Gift Cards Giveaway! -

    Thankful my daughter is home for the holidays. Thankful my family is all here and healthy!
  14. thunderwagn

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Lol. I just purchased ingredients for a 5.5 gallon batch for less than $13. I actually felt guilty getting my AHA membership discount at the hbs. :D
  15. thunderwagn


    Around the holidays, I do buy a lot of melt and pour bases from Brambleberry. I can bang out lots of very nice soaps quickly and easily that are ready to use. Just a thought. I do it every year.
  16. thunderwagn

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    I've been searching around for a good, cheap, easy brew to please the masses for the holidays. I think I just found it. Looks to be the perfect brew to share in quantity.
  17. thunderwagn

    Budweiser Repeal Reserve Amber Lager

    No, it's not the same. I liked it. Picked up a 6'er the other day. I'll continue to purchase while they continue to release it. Then again, I'll continue to purchase BMC as long as they're all in production :D