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  1. Duckfoot

    Talk to me about sanke valve to tri-clover conversions

    Geez... have a kid and fall out of brewing for a couple of years and suddenly the LBHS's have kits for what I did... LOL
  2. Duckfoot

    Intestine-like infection (w/pic)

    Kill it with fire....
  3. Duckfoot

    GFCI power cord

    Check out this thread....
  4. Duckfoot

    March Pump Toolbox Build

    Assuming you have tested for voltage on the inlet lugs with a meter? Next place to check would be the lugs on the line side of the GCFI. Has the GCFI been tested and reset?
  5. Duckfoot

    Calling it a "Krute"

    Well done sir... Looks great... I did something similar, although I went with a square garbage can with wheels... There is a thread with a pic here somewhere...
  6. Duckfoot

    Bottom drained Keggle on a small budget, no welding.

    I use E-HLT and MLT, both with bottom drains and have no regrets...
  7. Duckfoot

    Apfelwein tap handle

    I am going to use a shattered radial bone with a titanium plate and screws for my Apfelwien tap handle... ;)
  8. Duckfoot

    Bottom drained Keggle on a small budget, no welding.

    Electric is the way to go with this type of setup... I have a few ideas I am rattling around in my noggin for using propane / NG on a bottom drain... Just haven't had the time to experiment...
  9. Duckfoot

    I think everyone here might be able to help?

    :off: IMHO, there are much better lump charcoals to use... I have personally found rocks (not a big deal), lumber mill scrap.. ie: hardwood flooring leftovers, and plywood in bags of Cowboy... Others have found much worse.. Here... And here... Granted some of this information...
  10. Duckfoot

    Is it worth Kegging?

    Kegging is sooooooo much easier... You can bottle from a keg (see We No Need No Sticking Beer Gun... If the budget allows, grab a cheap chest freezer or even a fridge to keep at temps...
  11. Duckfoot

    Commercial beers that let you down?

    My neighbors "kidnapped" me a few years ago and took me to a local hole in the wall... I lost count after the 5th Irish Car Bomb... Mind you, I was drinking Guinness in between shots... :drunk:
  12. Duckfoot

    Care and use of wooden paddles

    I made mine outta maple... One treatment with butcher block oil after I made it and all I do now is rinse and air dry...
  13. Duckfoot

    False Bottom + Ball Valve + Copper Scrubbie = Holy crap! Why didn't I do this sooner?

    I don't think you would have a problem with pellet hops in a CFC like you would with a plate chiller... Plate chillers are a little more finicky about pellet hops... With this setup, the only problem I had was when the scrubbie got propped up and let a bunch of hops past... Total cockpit error...
  14. Duckfoot

    I want a smoker...

    Well, L.B.O. v2.0 is operational... Smoked a turkey breast last Sunday to season it and make sure it was going to function similar to v1.0... Going to try to get a chicken on it this weekend and start on the 2nd L.B.O. as well...
  15. Duckfoot

    My New, Custom Tap Handles

    Well done sir... Well done indeed...
  16. Duckfoot

    what do you clean your stainless with?

    Oxy soaks and BKF for the crusties...
  17. Duckfoot

    Help with camlock purchase

    I use male fittings on all "solid" connections and use the female fittings on the hoses... Cheaper that way...
  18. Duckfoot

    Anyone seen one of these?

    Reminds me of this...
  19. Duckfoot

    Camlock thoughts

    What if I am the one doing the grocery shopping? :ban:
  20. Duckfoot

    Thrift Store Score.... Beer flutes!

    In all honesty, I am not an asparagus aficionado. However, I was looking for a tall, stainless vessel to turn into a hopback... If I could have only found a way to make the lid pressure tight, it would have worked... Got me a pressure cooker instead... :mug: