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  1. tomroeder

    First cones!!!

    Cascades looking really good so far! This is my second year and I am really excited And I have some huge centennial cones also
  2. tomroeder

    First cones!!!

    I have some full size cones on some of my Centennials already this year (second year). I hope that they don't peak very early? If they get large, early does that mean that they have more time to develop more of the potent lupulin?
  3. tomroeder

    I want to brew Boston Lager, but it needs to be an ale...

    I am an all grain brewer with a few years experience under my belt. I absolutely love Sam Adams Boston Lager, and I want to brew it at home. The problem is at this time, there is no real practical way for me to brew a lager. Now before I get a bunch of messages from people telling me how...
  4. tomroeder

    Falconers flight

    It is a delicious hop. Think simcoe meets Citra meets Amarillo. Fantastic
  5. tomroeder

    Where to buy hops buy the pound?

    I have used Farmhouse several times, and wholesale hops, both are good, no complaints on either except maybe for certain varieties on hand at different times of the year, but that's to be expected with the simcoes and such.
  6. tomroeder

    How's this for a jacketed fermenter?

    For everyone who is suggesting a fridge instead of the jackets, have you ever wrestled a snake with 11+ gallons of wort? My guess is no. The jackets are the way to go! The only concern I would have is the vessel sweating, but that should be easily overcome.
  7. tomroeder

    Homebrew Internet Video Channels

    I had no idea that this thread even existed! Thanks to DantheMan again for his nice compliments. I don't post videos as often as I would like, often I feel I have nothing major enough, or enough new ideas or techniques to justify a video. Maybe I should do more short videos instead of fewer...
  8. tomroeder

    Favorite Brewing Music

    Pink Floyd....big time
  9. tomroeder

    Stalled fermentation on AHS kit after moving to secondary - suggestions?!?!

    Sounds fine to me. Just curious, which yeast did you use?
  10. tomroeder

    Barley Crusher issue

    The only time I had the same problem with my Barley Crusher was when I started malt conditioning, I was wetting the grist and waiting one hour to mill. Had a hard time getting the mill to prime. Now, I wet the grist, wait 10 minutes, and I have not had the slightest issue since. Wet milling...
  11. tomroeder

    Oxyclean is amazing

    I really prefer to use PBW, because there are no added scents at all, and it seems to rinse a bit easier than OxiClean, BUT, for the price difference, I will take Oxiclean any day of the week! Works just as well. I have a water softener, and have never experienced the scaling that others...
  12. tomroeder

    what is the most "water conserving" method of cooling wort quickly?

    Here is something I found interesting...should put everyones mind at ease on wasting some water for homebrewing...I wouldn't worry about it....
  13. tomroeder

    Affects of overpitching yeast

    If your beers are finishing lower than expected, you could possibly have some kind of infection. I use a refractometer when making starters. I always use 1.040 as my SG, no problems yet, knock on wood....
  14. tomroeder

    Sight glass and thermo for brew kettle

    I would recommend I have the sightglass and it is a very nice kit. Good service too
  15. tomroeder

    Two questions on dry yeast

    I did a split batch once. Split a 10 gallon batch of APA, fermented 5 gallons of it with a rehydrated pack of US-05 and the other with a healthy yeast starter of Wyeast 1056 (WLP 001 Equivelant). I am here to tell you the differences between the two beers was very obvious. The US-05 beer was...
  16. tomroeder

    My Single-Tier Propane/Electric Hybrid Brew Rig

    Subbed!!!! Incredible man....I am going to steal most of your ideas to rebuild my stand!
  17. tomroeder

    Craigslist ad

    That took me a minute to catch
  18. P2160090


  19. tomroeder

    Craigslist ad

    That is some serious money...and to sell it at a big loss like that? My brew stuff is all home made and looks like something Doc Brown invented, but hey, it works!
  20. tomroeder

    Beers in or around indianapolis

    You should check out Sun King. Indianapolis' first full line brewery since 194X.