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  1. AubreyR6

    Breweries in Chicago?

    Thanks guys - I will have to try to plan something out.
  2. AubreyR6

    Breweries in Chicago?

    My girlfriends and I are planning a girls weekend to Chicago in mid February and was wondering if anyone could give some recommendations to some breweries in the downtown area?
  3. AubreyR6

    Post a pic--let's see your ugly mugs

    Hmmm... Thanks I think... LoL :mug:
  4. AubreyR6

    Any UFC Fans Out there?

    I almost bought tickets for the last match that was in Ohio but just couldn't do it. Couldn't bring myself to pay that much for the tickets. We usually end up at Ashley's in Westland for the fight or BDubs.
  5. AubreyR6

    New brewer from Michigan

  6. AubreyR6

    hello from michigan

  7. AubreyR6

    Dangerous Dogs?

    I guess I'll add since this was brought up again... My pits, which I did not own "for a certain reason", only want to lay on your lap and lick you. Its how they are raised. My boston terrier is more vicious than my pits - you can pull their ears, tail, feet, etc. and they don't care.
  8. AubreyR6

    Oh Dear God Bells Hopslam is amazing

    Hmm.... haven't tried that yet. Will be on my shopping list! :)
  9. AubreyR6

    "Do you have more than $10,000 in credit card debt"

    Whats said about these commercials is that soo many people believe that it will fix everything! They also don't tell you how much they charge for the service either. People just need to call the credit card company themselves and see if a deal can be worked out with respect to the interest...
  10. AubreyR6

    Maybe the worst ever..... (label removal)

    I was thinking the same - I only ever use brown. I don't bother with the labels either, I know its my beer!
  11. AubreyR6

    SWMBO hobbies?

    I hear ya - I don't think this will ever turn into more than the couple track days during the summer. As much as I love it, I know we cannot afford to do more than that.
  12. AubreyR6

    SWMBO hobbies?

    We don't actually race at this point, this will be our second year just doing track days. We have a ton of friends that race and it is crazy expensive!! Thats a great pic - what (besides money, I guess) made you stop racing?
  13. AubreyR6

    Put My Brew Buddy To Sleep

    Sorry for your loss!
  14. AubreyR6

    RIP Midnight, my Malaysian Wondermutt

    Sorry for your loss!
  15. AubreyR6

    SWMBO hobbies?

    HWMBO - I guess if thats what you want to call him.... Obeyed, Ha! :D Anywho, I wish he would have an actual hobby, I keep trying to work on him to do something. We both ride and ride on the track (which is very expensive btw) so he pretty much is constantly tinkering in the garage...
  16. AubreyR6

    Show us your SWMBO...

    Well, I don't have a SWMBO, but I have a hubby and since some of the other lovely ladies on this forum shares, so am I.... Happy New Years! And our other expensive hobby....
  17. AubreyR6

    how much does brewing smell?

    Mmm... I love the way the house smells during/after brewing! :)
  18. AubreyR6

    MI - New Years?

    What everyone in the area doing? Just found out that Dragonmead is going to be closing at 6:00pm.... Hate the clubs and cannot figure it out... Might head to Kuhnhenn's though... :mug:
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