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  1. TheFlatline

    Has anyone actually brewed a hopless beer? and without bittering of any sort?

    Roll over to the mead portion of the forum and look around there. A sweet mead would probably be right up her alley, and it's stupid easy for you to make. Take honey, add water, throw in yeast (and some yeast nutrient). Let gurgle.
  2. TheFlatline

    Can I age a beer for 19yrs??

    First, CONGRATS DADDY! Ahem... Okay onto the topic. Go with wine for several reasons: 1. As far as I'm aware, there are few beer bottles that will remain airtight for 19 years, and you *will* get oxidation. 2. From what I'm aware of, the majority of spirits stop aging once they are...
  3. TheFlatline

    is it possible to have a finished beer and kegged in 20days?

    Bottle carbing is fiddly, and it also depends on the beer type. I find that swirling the yeast up once a week or so helps somewhat (or just gives me something to do to pass the time). Don't keep it in a cold place (70 is a good temperature goal), and relax. My nut brown ale really doesn't...
  4. TheFlatline

    is it possible to have a finished beer and kegged in 20days?

    Oh hell you're telling me. I just got guilted into brewing up a 5 gallon batch for Christmas. She dropped the guilt trip on me at noon or so, and as soon as I got off of work I went to the brewshop. She better appreciate me dammit.
  5. TheFlatline

    NOOB: Extract vs Partial vs All Grain

    For most of us, a mash tun is simply a large ice cooler that we've fitted with some form of filter. You dump in your grain, mix in your hot water, and when it's time, you drain off the wort from the grain. A lot of the language is obscure and uses kind of archaic terms, but the process is...
  6. TheFlatline

    NOOB: Extract vs Partial vs All Grain

    You're right, I should have said "extract recipes" and not "extracts". But any can of muntons or coopers that tells you to add 4 pounds of table sugar isn't going to taste very good.
  7. TheFlatline

    NOOB: Extract vs Partial vs All Grain

    I'm a level 5 vegan: I can only eat things that don't cast a shadow. Anyway... the only snobbish thing that I feel towards extract are the extracts that require table sugar, and lots of it, for the recipe. I went AG because it's significantly cheaper for me these days. That and the extra...
  8. TheFlatline

    Coors Light? Any Suggestions

    I've had a coppery, metallic taste in draft beer from a bar that didn't maintain it's lines and served old beer. Nasty stuff.
  9. TheFlatline

    Pot / Boil question

    You'll be fine. I started doing full boils off of kits and didn't notice a terrible amount of difference. I moved to all grain shortly thereafter.
  10. TheFlatline

    Beer Wars: The Movie

    I think the brewer who crafted a 9% imperial stout that was ink black would want to show up and beat to death the college student who tried to beer bong that.
  11. TheFlatline

    Oops - hops in fermenter

    The problem with that train of thought is that you have to boil hops to extract the bittering acids, and after I think it's 30 minutes you destroy most of the flavor of the hops too. My money is on no real change.
  12. TheFlatline

    Beginning Brewer Questions

    You're right, DMS is formed when the wort is hot, not just during the boil. Also, you're absolutely right about the brewery venting off the steam. That's why driving by the Budweiser plant on brew day smells like wet cabbage and a dirty gym sock.
  13. TheFlatline

    Beer Wars: The Movie

    Let's be honest, the college students who suck back an entire case of PBR to get wasted on a Thursday night aren't going to enjoy a beer with very much flavor to it. They're drinking to get drunk, not to drink beer. They aren't the demographic craft beer is aiming at. They don't have enough...
  14. TheFlatline

    I Just Wanted To See If I Could Do It

    Someone referenced it specifically in a recent thread. I'm not surprised we had zombie thread action.
  15. TheFlatline

    Brewing with Rye

    I'm about to do a roggenbier this saturday. I've got my rice hulls ready, and am expecting the mother of all stuck sparges, seeing as my grain bill includes around 60% rye. My recipe suggests a double decoction on the mash, so I'm going to be really going out on a limb with this first one...
  16. TheFlatline

    Will my bottles explode?

    You'd be better off starting a new thread rather than literally resurrecting a 2 year old post.
  17. TheFlatline

    "Sweet" Irish Red what happened

    Change your goldings from "boil" to "flavor" and you'll notice the difference in IBUs. I didn't punch this in, so I can't tell you if that's where your IBUs went. However, Beersmith is over-calculating. In Beersmith it makes a HUGE difference in listing the difference between bittering (boil)...
  18. TheFlatline

    Bavarian Hefeweizen Yeast Concerns

    Not so much of a clove or banana flavor. Still probably going to be tasty. Maybe something closer to a Pyramid Hef instead of Paulaner?
  19. TheFlatline

    Not new to this but never seen these clumps. infection?

    Yeast is great for you. Loads of vitamin B complexes. Might give you some gas but unless it smells or tastes funky I say lock & load. No known pathogens can exist in beer, so it's not like you'll kill yourself. Some styles even encourage you to stir up the yeasties from the sediment and drink...
  20. TheFlatline

    Flying with beer

    Bevmo ships beer through the mail all the time. Don't remember who they ship it through, but they use big huge wine/beer styrofoam boxes to secure the individual bottles. Then they collapse the sixer cardboard and slip it into the side. So when you order beer from bevmo, some assembly is...