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  1. jcarson83

    Right on Homebrew Talk

    Swmbo slayer was always a hit and easy.
  2. jcarson83

    Right on Homebrew Talk

    I haven't been to this site in 6 years and it's still an active community! Keep it up! This is going to get me fired up and back to breit's done. Taken a break for the kiddos but it may be time to teach the little ones how done.
  3. jcarson83

    Did I get a good deal on aluminum pots?

    I think that's what I paid. It was 4 or 5 years ago though. You got me thinking I was full of it but I just found one on ebay for $80(new).
  4. jcarson83

    Is it infected?

    Don't expect to get anything but gravity from honey if you boil it at all. I use US-05 for all my pale ales and IPAs with good results. Thats a prime temp to ferment it at too so I would expect many off flavors from it. It may just be a little young yet.
  5. jcarson83

    Sulfur smell is normal... right?

    Some yeasts are worse than others. I always get it really bad when I brew a belgian.
  6. jcarson83

    Did I get a good deal on aluminum pots?

    I bought my 40qt stainless for $60. Not the heaviest gauge but it works.
  7. jcarson83

    Batch sparge question

    If your taking gravity readings of your batches make sure you correct for temperature. At 160F a 1.010 reading is actually 1.032.
  8. jcarson83

    Mirror Pond by Deschutes

    What's your ferment schedule Yooper?
  9. jcarson83

    Mirror Pond by Deschutes

    Btw I like the 63 ferment. Perfect. What's the ferment schedule?
  10. jcarson83

    Mirror Pond by Deschutes

    Looks like you know what your doing. Hope to hear that it turns out. Maybe this will be my come back brew.
  11. jcarson83

    ice wand wort chiller

    I would wait to use it until close to the end. Near boiling water will melt it really quick but <90 should help you speed up the temperature drop in the last few minutes.
  12. jcarson83

    separation in wort

    I am assuming what you are describing is the cold break. Its normal. Depending on the recipe it can be really crazy at times, almost like a lava lamp. The goal is to chill the wort rapidly and get the cold break to settle and rack as little as possible to primary.
  13. jcarson83

    I find it funny that so many of us are online so early :)

    It's either get on HBT or watch Dinosaur Train with the boy. I do like Dinosaur Train though.
  14. jcarson83

    Beer Films

    Looks like Beer Hunter is coming out this year. I managed to track down the Discovery Channel shows from the 80s and they are great.
  15. jcarson83

    Water Fermentation Chiller

    Glad to see the continued interest in the thread. I have to say though that I've moved on. As much fun as its been messing with this project someone finally gave me an old deep freeze so that what I'm using for my fermonator. It is 100x easier too. So for all of you that don't have the extra...
  16. jcarson83

    Loss Calculations

    I lose one gallon per hour of boil and usually figure on losing 1/2 to 3/4 with the hops and cold break. I don't worry about the grains because I measure the volume just before I start the boil to estimate if I need to add more or boil off longer.
  17. jcarson83

    Is fermenting finished?

    Fermentation is mostly complete but I would suggest leaving it in primary for at least 2 to 3 weeks. The yeast will clean up a lot of off flavors during this time and I think you will be a lot happier with the finished product. Has the krausen dropped yet? That seems pretty fast for that to...
  18. jcarson83

    So I broke my hydrometer...

    If it was extract you should already know pretty close what the OG was. Just pick one up so you will know when its done.
  19. jcarson83

    Hose length

    A dry run with some water might be a good idea.
  20. jcarson83

    Hose length

    I love it. Not because I would do it but because the number of different ideas on how to do something in this hobby just amazes me. I would be worried about cleaning and sanitizing 20+ feet of hose and then getting all of the wort out. Why not just split the post boil wort into manageable...