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  1. Senormac

    new brew system 3 years of design and fabrication

    Wow !! That's a laboratory on wheels. Amazing rustbucket.
  2. Senormac

    Show Us Your Label

    Wax dip always looks so classy
  3. Senormac

    Random Picture Thread

    Sounds like a customizing debate brother :)
  4. Senormac

    Random Picture Thread

    BTW.... I actually talked to this lady cuz I used to have a '65 Convertible Dodge Dart, but it was only a slant 6 standard where as this one was an 8 cylinder power Dart. She said she had bought it in 1980 from the original owner and was the cars second owner. So nice !!
  5. Senormac

    Random Picture Thread

    Out in front of the local Post Office
  6. Senormac

    What are you drinking now?

    moving right along on this first day of 2021
  7. Senormac

    I Brewed! Hopsteiner 6300

    I had not even heard of that one, but I hope you get good results with them.
  8. Senormac

    What to do with an oak barrel?

    That's super cool !! I think you should use it, and take your results as a learning experience. Then make adjustments. Try again. 3 gallons is not that much to practice with
  9. Senormac

    Planning the hop field

    You can't inhabit that black building in the center of your diagrams ? That is where you should be living IMO. Get some electrics out there. What a cool piece of property !!
  10. Senormac

    What do you do with your spent grains?

    chickens and compost for my hop beds
  11. Senormac

    Mash times

    Very nice. I see you have gone electric as opposed to propane which makes sense as your brew station is indoors. I also like the sink. Running hot water is a big bonus. Thx for the photos. I'm sure it will serve you well over many years.
  12. Senormac

    Mash times

    How bout a picture tommy. I love seeing op's brew rigs as I'm in process of building one of my own. A Spike too !
  13. Senormac

    Imperial Porter Recipe Review

    I love the hop additions. I grow and use Fuggles and Golding often and really like their soft hop character. Should go well in a stout as you won't want the biting flavor of something more powerful to take away from your recipe
  14. Senormac

    Crushing grains with Corona mill

    That's a good price. I recently bought a 3 roller Maltmuncher but have yet to use it. It was more than $40. The holidays have kept me from working on my brew station setup
  15. Senormac

    Some much needed good news for small breweries

    I wonder if this thread has much of a chance at survival. It borders and even connects to "politics talk" which seems to be a hotbed topic these days. I'd love it if civil discourse could be attained, because people really do need to talk about it. I'll just say, I find it already...