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  1. Jim Karr

    Greetings from Portland! Corn wine's a brewin'!

    Please please please share your source for the yeast balls!
  2. Jim Karr

    New brewer from Fenton MI

    We Michigan brewers are going to take over! Welcome to the both of you!
  3. Jim Karr

    Hello from Michigan

    Greetings from the SW corner of the Mitten.......down around Covert. Welcome to the madness here. You'll make friends and beer--that's a win-win!
  4. Jim Karr

    Hey from Lansing MI

    Welcome, fellow Michibrewer. Glad you're aboard!
  5. Jim Karr

    5 Barrel Brewing

    Sounds like you need to visit Lots of answers to your questions.
  6. Jim Karr

    Hello from Michigan

    Homer, we don't need no stinkin' DD!
  7. Jim Karr

    FNG from Michigan

    Welcome, Michibrewer! Glad you're aboard.:ban:
  8. Jim Karr

    Hi from Michigan!

    Greetings,fellow Michibrewer. Welcome to the madness.
  9. Jim Karr

    Greetings From Roseville, Michigan!

    Yay! Another Michibrewer! Welcome to the madness.
  10. Jim Karr

    Greetings from Chicago!

    Welcome to the madness. I did four years in Marquette Park in the 80's. Glad you're aboard!
  11. Jim Karr

    Greetings from Kalamazoo, Michigan!

    Welcome, fellow beer fanatic! Glad you're aboard.
  12. Jim Karr

    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    Betty doesn't
  13. Jim Karr

    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    rash decision
  14. Jim Karr

    Wedding song??

    Marc Cohn.........True Companion.
  15. Jim Karr

    New from Chicago

    Greetings.......I lived in Marquette Park for four years. Glad you're aboard.:ban:
  16. Jim Karr

    Ever been so tired...

    Carry along a big cup of ice or ice water......when you begin to nod, just fill your mouth with icewater and hold it. The cold sensation on your teeth would wake up a hibernating bear.
  17. Jim Karr

    Kids in the Hall - I can't be the only one!

    "Out of my body and onto your plate." "Would you like to take a drink from the toilet, or would you like a beer?"
  18. Jim Karr


    I've just got to know.......was the lisp really named "Dick"?
  19. Jim Karr

    Best Movie Ever Made

    Dances with Wolves The Desperate Hours North by Northwest
  20. Jim Karr

    Brewer/Homebrewer on vacation

    You, young lady, definitely have your priorities firmly in order.