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  1. Chriso

    What are you drinking now?

    Starting out the morning with some CODE Oktoberfest marzen ale! Hair of the dog, right? It's nice having a 50L keg on tap in my basement!
  2. Chriso

    Where have the old timers gone?

    Oof. :-D I think I went on hiatus around 2010 or 2011. Brewing has been very on and off for me, I get frustrated easily (and/or life gets squarely in my way) and I wind up off the horse for 18 months at a time. Around the same time, I got WAY too far into my club's leadership, and burned myself...
  3. Chriso

    Planning... What Should I Brew? Lots of yeast, can't decide.

    Sorry I'm late Gometz. I loved the Mandarina Bavaria in a single-hop american wheat beer. I plan to use more of it this summer, this time mixing in some other citrusy hops too.
  4. Chriso

    Call for entries - The Sower's Cup Competition & GABF Pro-Am

    Website: Hello Judges and competitors, On behalf of the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club, we would be honored to have you and your taste buds or your beers at the our annual Sowers Cup homebrew competition to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 2nd...
  5. Chriso

    E/SE Nebraska group buy 2015

    Sorry for going incommunicado, there's a lot going on right now and I'm about 2 weeks behind where I want to be on everything from full fermenters, to laundry, to brew club responsibilities to bills. I need to get in touch with the guy who hosts our annual Big Brew to figure out a plan -- I...
  6. Chriso

    Planning... What Should I Brew? Lots of yeast, can't decide.

    estricklin, I have no idea re: Belle Saison as I haven't tried my packs out yet! But I've heard it does ok in the low 70's without having to resort to crazy ramping schedules. They were giving away a lot of it at NHC, so I'd expect by now there should be tons of "Belle Saison... thoughts?"...
  7. Chriso

    Planning... What Should I Brew? Lots of yeast, can't decide.

    No worries mate :) I think here's the plan... Tomorrow, 10 gallons of faux-Dunkel base e.g. Chainsaw Brewing Death By Dunkel adapted for what I have on-hand. Half will get either 001 or 1450, the other half will get WY1007. To follow, there will be 15 gal. of 6-8% stout base, to be split...
  8. Chriso

    Planning... What Should I Brew? Lots of yeast, can't decide.

    I have TOO many options & can't get things to line up in my head right. My goal is to use a similar yeast a few times in a row, to save on amount of effort spent washing & saving yeast... then move to the next strain for a few batches... then so forth. I have separate sour & clean fermenters so...
  9. Chriso

    NHC 2014- Grand Rapids Who's going?

    It was wicked awesome meeting up with ally'all, eh? (I think I got all the accents represented there! And thanks Yooper for taking the picture!) (Edit: an image doubled up. I'll fix it from a real computer later.)
  10. Chriso

    NHC HBT Scavenger Hunt

    Chriso reporting in! Selfie incoming...
  11. Chriso

    NHC 2014- Grand Rapids Who's going?

    I'm here :) Already found Yooper, too! Can someone give me a link to the Official NHC Thread? On mobile, having trouble finding it. B-Hoppy, the New Cascade candy rocks! So... Many... Beers.
  12. Chriso

    My new License Plates

    Awwwww yissssss. Chriso's finally on board the cool kids train. PS. Nice Yeep, Yoop!
  13. Chriso

    I want your OLD Perlick 425SS faucets!

    I bought a 525SS to fill in the empty spot for now... but I vastly prefer the old 425SS design, which became scarce around 2010-2011 - and would like to have all matching faucets. If you are looking to get rid of your working Perlick 425SS faucets, please shoot me a message, I will buy them...
  14. Chriso

    Bucket-based Cheap, Slim, Portable Homebrew Keg Dispenser - Instead of BM trash can

    Actually, THREE buckets. $2.40 each. I threw away the receipt (D'oh!) but the parts for the plastic bulkhead were ~$8.00. QD's, lines, etc. were simply stolen off of my beer fridge for the event, then replaced when I came home. I was lazy and didn't get around to taking photographs until now...
  15. Chriso

    Perlick 425ss

    NICE!! I didn't know the old Ventmatics had been resurrected -- I own two 425SS and was feeling really lousy about having a single, mis-matched 525 on my fridge. Now, I can get a Ventmatic to complete the fridge door - and a second 525 to put on a jockey box, where they'll seem really nice to...
  16. Chriso

    Lincoln - 11/9 - Learn To Homebrew Day & Equipment Swap Meet

    URL: Saturday, November 9th, 2013 Swap Meet: 10:00am - 3:00pm Club Meeting: around 2:00pm All-Grain Brew Demo: see Webpage for schedule Location: Zipline Brewing Co. - 2100 Magnum Cir. 1 block S. of West O Street & S...
  17. Chriso

    New Homebrew Club: North of Omaha

    Iffin you guys get to the point where you've got a website, shoot me a message and I will link to you from the Lincoln Lagers Blog & Link Database! Congrats on your maiden voyage, so to speak!!
  18. Chriso

    What are you drinking now?

    Miller High Life, bizznizzles!
  19. Chriso

    The Broken Robot eBrewery, oh me, oh my.

    ....and Order Placed. Somehow an Arduino Uno and an 8-port 5V relay board snuck on to there. How did that happen? Oh well. Guess I'll have to use them. Now, to obsessively catalog my purchases in a spreadsheet in the hope of someday answering the inevitable question of "How much did that thing...
  20. Chriso

    The Broken Robot eBrewery, oh me, oh my.

    Thanks for clarifying!! It definitely makes sense why I should use 240 VAC to plan off of, and accept that my actual usage may be slightly lower -- rather than planning everything to just barely work within the tolerances, and finding my actual usage to be higher than I anticipated. I got my...