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  1. denimglen

    Working on a new English Bitter recipe would like your thoughts.

    Agreed. Best ordinary bitter I've ever brewed was something like: 95% Golden Promise 5% Crystal 120 1040ish, 30ish IBU, 60 min Fuggles and EKG 0 minutes Fuggles and EKG. Wyeast 1469 At work at the moment so that's off the top of my head, if you're interesting in seeing the correct recipe...
  2. denimglen

    Need a Pale Ale recipe for 10 oz of Hops

    Epic Pale Ale uses about 10oz of cascade IIRC for ~5 gallons if you want some inspiration. There's a Can You Brew It clone recipe on this forum somewhere.
  3. denimglen

    Clown Juice

    I say do it. I like the idea, label is great also. I would think the citrus might clash with the bubblegum esters and more so the cotton candy flavours. Personally, while it was fermenting I would take the citrus and soak it in some decent vodka to make an extract, then post-ferment spike...
  4. denimglen

    The "protective co2 blanket"

    This seems like a lot of trouble to get a low O2 environment. Are we really achieving anything by purging a vessel with CO2 before a transfer? This is something that's always irked me a little too. The outwards pressure from the liquid on the walls of the vessel are higher than the air...
  5. denimglen

    can anyone identify this tree? it smells amazing!

    This may be of some help: Identifying Conifers [pdf] At work so I can't have a good look over yet. All my mother knew of her's is that it was a conifer - which doesn't narrow it down too much ;-) EDIT: Corrected link.
  6. denimglen

    can anyone identify this tree? it smells amazing!

    I think the same tree is growing outside my parents house. No idea what it is though, will ask later tonight. I've never seen it fruit or flower or anything either, and has been there at least 20 years. I don't think it's the Juniperus scopulorum, the leaves definitely have a bluish color...
  7. denimglen

    best DRY yeast for malty American IPA

    1968 is the Fuller's yeast strain so it will be perfect for that beer. 1968 is awesome. It's much like the English version of SO5/1056/001 in the sense that it always works and is easy to use. It's not as strong in character as some of the other English yeasts but it's brewhouse...
  8. denimglen

    best DRY yeast for malty American IPA

    Beers were exactly the same wort, just split into two fermenters, dry hopped the same too. Recipe was the Union Jack IPA clone that can be found here or from The Brewing Network A direct copy and paste from my quick notes so excuse my laziness to correct the errors :p Both beers have a...
  9. denimglen

    best DRY yeast for malty American IPA

    I've just done a side by side of USO5 and SO4 in an IPA. While O4 does come off as more malty it seemed to wash out the flavour a bit. It didn't accentuate the hops at all - the level of hop aroma was about half as the O5 batch. They were pretty similar at the end of the day but the O5 batch...
  10. denimglen

    Hops 15 Minute Addition v. Flameout?

    I wouldn't say this graph is perfect but it gives you an idea of what's going on: ( That shows the most aroma coming from a ~7 minute addition, personally I find I get the best aroma with an addition...
  11. denimglen

    Save the Beer! Over Attenuated Dead Guy AG Clone

    Oh yeah, sorry, not speaking from experience here or anything :rolleyes:
  12. denimglen

    Save the Beer! Over Attenuated Dead Guy AG Clone

    This will work to some degree. I've adjusted a couple of beers that finished too dry with MD and it's made them a lot better. Personally, I wouldn't go for more than 2 points - being one of the simpler of the complex sugars it does have a little sweetness. Usually it works the other way -...
  13. denimglen

    Danstar Windsor - a review (using my house bitter)

    Coincidentally I've also just done a variation on my house bitter, a recipe based on Tim Taylor's Best Bitter, with Windsor, my experience was a little different though. Just to note, I used my standard procedures that usually produce a good beer. The only changes were the finishing hops...
  14. denimglen

    NZ Style Ginger Beer - Help please

    Hey mate, would be worth searching over at I remember seeing a thread there where some guys made something along the lines of what you're looking for.
  15. denimglen

    The Jamil Show--Tasty's SN Celebration Clone

    Drinking this beer now. Although mine has a little more hops at flameout and dry hop to use up the rest of my baggies. Has been a long time since I've had SNCA but this is a great beer whether a clone or not.
  16. denimglen

    Any brew-software for Android?

    Same here. I'd like to be able to import a recipe and then easily start the boil timer and mash timer. Also being able to enter notes and the OG and volume would be good. Those two features, if done well, would be enough alone for me to pay for the app. If it could display something...
  17. denimglen

    Can someone help me match the grain names (NZ website)?

    Just so you know that 'ale malt' is probably Baird's Pearl Pale Ale malt which is similar to but not as intense as Maris Otter. The 'pale malt' will most likely be NZ grown and malted ADM pilsner malt, in which you're correct in substituting for US domestic 2-Row. A stock pile is good but I've...
  18. denimglen

    Getting non fermentable sugar in Auckland New Zealand

    Brewer's Coop in Auckland have it I'm sure. If you want some more local discussion check us out at
  19. denimglen

    Can someone help me match the grain names (NZ website)?

    Come join us at bro. I don't really like that site you posted, they don't list the maltsters and their selection isn't the best. I'd suggest Brewer's Coop if you're in AK or Liberty Brewing if you're elsewhere in the country. What recipes are you planning on...
  20. denimglen

    Gelatine from the Super Market? - Ok for finings?

    Probably stating the obvious but make sure it's unflavoured and contains no sugar ;)