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  1. Pantherjon

    Don't Do That.

    Big time bummer! But, the main question is: Was the beer salvaged?
  2. Pantherjon

    Anyone have a Fermentasaurus?

    Pressure kit is listed for $49.99 on More Beer..Looks like a pretty good deal..Wonder if the threads on the valve would allow for mason jars to be attached?
  3. Pantherjon

    What came in the mail for you today?

    Thanks guys! :mug:
  4. Pantherjon

    What came in the mail for you today?

    Forgive my naivety..That's a canner, or can sealer thing-a-ma-jig?Or whozit or whatchamacallit?
  5. Pantherjon

    US Beer breweries top 5300

    ^Way more...pretty sure just Dominoes alone would be over 5300 franchises..
  6. Pantherjon

    Vacationing in Florida. Where is the craft beer?

    I typed a search into our friend Google and came up with 10+ breweries within 2 hours of Ft Walton..Props Brewery and Pub is IN Ft Walton..There is one in Destin, just a short bit east, 3rd Planet Brewing in Niceville just north of you...It's a pretty long list..;) I know you weren't asking...
  7. Pantherjon

    Beer Exchange

    There is a beer exchange website..Maybe you would be able to find someone a bit closer? Like on your side of the Atlantic..Check it out and sign up..Who knows, maybe someone from the states would be willing to ship to Germany for some authentic German beer in return...
  8. Pantherjon

    Thought I had visited this site before..But, nope..Good prices on their kits..Just ordered the Arrogant B kit that I am going to brew up for a big 'get together' I am going to in June..Hope they are 'worthy of it'!!..LOL Time clock started, will see how quickly they get it to me! :)
  9. Pantherjon

    What came in the mail for you today?

    Not brewing related..BUT, will be consuming beer while there..Qualify? Just had to share with where I will be come end of April..:)
  10. Pantherjon

    What are you drinking now?

    HB Zombie Dust clone..Speaking of Zombies, the season 7 finale this Sunday night for The Walking Dead looks like it is going to be helluva good one!
  11. Pantherjon

    DME solid in kit

    Secondary is NOT needed..Keep it in primary until fermentation is complete..
  12. Pantherjon

    Northern Brewer and ship times

    I have ordered from NB many times and have always used the 'I can wait' shipping option..I have ALWAYS received my order within the delivery window they say it will, so, if I were you, wait it out and IF your order doesn't arrive by the 24th then you can really complain. I would wager you will...
  13. Pantherjon

    American Pale Ale Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone

    I used 05 and it turned out good for me..
  14. Pantherjon

    What are you drinking now?

    Devils Backbone Eight Point IPA...Pretty damn good!
  15. Pantherjon

    Venting about Utah's Sharia State

    Wow..And you were still able to function at .24?? In my 10 years of law enforcement the highest B.A. percentage I EVER saw was .22 and this man was falling down, etc..We were led to believe that anything approaching .25 and the person would more then likely be comatose.. I will have to remember...
  16. Pantherjon

    2017 Dark Lord Day

    Over 30 bucks a bottle? That's ridiculous...$36 per to be exact...dayum...hope they have some killer entertainment lined up..
  17. Pantherjon

    Bottle headspace affects flavor?

    No where for the yeasties to put their CO2? Essentially they can't fart properly..Just a WAG.. In other words, I don't know, but seems plausible..
  18. Pantherjon

    Don't Do That.

    Don't connect your liquid out line onto your freshly primed keg without making sure it is connected to a closed tap first! Luckily not much sprayed out, ..Frustrating to say the least! I am a klutz...
  19. Pantherjon

    What are you drinking now?

    No doubt! I have watched mine tank this last week also! I guess the market doesn't want me to stay over a certain amount..It goes up some then down a LOT..One step forward, two step back! Solace in some Zombie always seems to cheer me up some!