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  1. WrongCoastBrewery

    No Signs Of Life In Starter

    Like I said before, it just never took off. It spun for 24hrs and I looked at it this morning in the fridge. I would say less than a mm of yeast. More like a VERY thin line. The other one I did had tons of it. Not sure what happened. Even the new one I started had a bit of foaming. It was...
  2. WrongCoastBrewery

    No Signs Of Life In Starter

    All of my starters usually have a slight amount of krausen, even on the stir plate. But by activity, I mean signs of yeast settling, small CO2 bubbles, and the color going from murky pond water to an even light tan color. I saved that starter in some sanitized jars and started another last...
  3. WrongCoastBrewery

    No Signs Of Life In Starter

    Hopefully, I will be brewing a high gravity lager this week (SG 1.090). However, my starter has shown no signs of life after 24hrs. Not even a slight sign. Its just spinning on my stir plate, looking like when I pitched the yeast. There isnt even a sign of activity. I used the Wyeast...
  4. WrongCoastBrewery

    Starter question - enough time to decant?

    First off, I would suggest checking out and look at the yeast pitching rate calculator. Currently you are underpitching by a ton. With three smack packs, your current amount is correct, but I am assuming you are only using one. I also assume you dont have a stir plate. With one...
  5. WrongCoastBrewery

    All Grain Fruit Beer Recipe Help

    I was actually wondering about the ration of fresh fruit to beer. Thanks man.
  6. WrongCoastBrewery

    All Grain Fruit Beer Recipe Help

    Ahh, good ol' fruit beer. After making fun of a friend for awhile about making him a fruit beer, I am caving in. Since this is my first recipe design at a fruit beer, any opinions would be appreciated. Here is the recipe: 11lbs, 8 oz Briess Pilsner Malt 2lbs, 8oz Briess White Wheat Malt...
  7. WrongCoastBrewery

    Washing Question

    Yeah, I might try to harvest out of the secondary and see what happens. In the mean time, I ordered a vial of yeast from Brewmaster's. BTW, they are absolutely amazing. I will use them from here on out.
  8. WrongCoastBrewery

    Washing Question

    Well, I do strain the wort into the primary. It was in the fridge for about 24hrs.
  9. WrongCoastBrewery

    Washing Question

    Ahhhh, yeast washing. I did my first wash yesterday and only had about enough water to fully fill two pint mason jars. I did the wash as close to the "how to" thread as possible. When I looked at them today, this is what I saw. I harvested out of my primary too. Too much trub or lots of yeast?
  10. WrongCoastBrewery

    DIY - Mash/Lauter Tun

    Yeah, that is a good video. Not sure if a PVC manifold would be cheaper or not.
  11. WrongCoastBrewery

    Simplest (?) Keggle Cutting Jig

    Just used this method to cut my keggle. Had to slightly modify the jig since my grinder's handle only attaches to the left or right of the wheel. Either way about 4-5 minutes later, I had an opening in the top that was perfectly round.
  12. WrongCoastBrewery

    What to do with my keg?

    2 cents are always appreciated.
  13. WrongCoastBrewery

    What to do with my keg?

    Well, I hadnt planned on direct firing it since I only have one burner. But I suppose I could add the valve, sight glass, and thermometer so I could use it for either a hot liquor tank or brew kettle.
  14. WrongCoastBrewery

    What to do with my keg?

    So I got a keg for dirt cheap ($20). I already have a 9 gallon SS brew pot and I am considering making a 10gal IGLOO water cooler mash tun. I figured I could use the current brewpot for a hot liquor tank. Do I convert the keg to a keggle or should I make a mash tun out of it instead and just...
  15. WrongCoastBrewery

    Oops... I used Comet on my Aluminum brewpot

    Of course. I bought my brew kettle off of Amazon and got a SS one for cheap. In fact, both that I have bought have been from Amazon. My 9 gallon one (current) was $60 I believe and it is SS.
  16. WrongCoastBrewery

    bottling bucket as a primary?

    Any specific reason for this or just asking? Better bottles can come with a racking adapter so it functions like a SS conical in terms of being able to drain it without getting trub/yeast. More expensive however and I cannot atest to its cleanliness.
  17. WrongCoastBrewery

    Legal Homebrew Age?

    Like they say, the first rule of committing crimes is to not get caught...... But in all seriousness, just because you dont get caught doesn't mean you haven't done something illegal. Ultimately, it falls to us as the homebrewers to make sure we keep within the legal limits so that we dont...
  18. WrongCoastBrewery

    thumbs up to austin homewbrew supply

    Yeah, AHS is great. I got an aeration kit for Christmas but ended up trading it in and getting the oxygenation kit. Sent it back, called them to make up the difference, and then found out they didnt have all the parts to make it. I call the next day, at their request, to see how long the...
  19. WrongCoastBrewery

    what yeast do you like?

    I use "all of the above". I prefer the German Ale strain from WL over WY and I love some of the WY strains over the WL like American Ale II.