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  1. WollenBrew

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Pick me, eh?
  2. WollenBrew

    Defiled Mild - "American Honey" Pale Ale - Opinions Please

    @speedy2782 - It actually turned out really well. There was just a touch of honey and the additional grains gave it a bit more punch in terms of ABV. The additional hops provided, in my opinion, a more "Americanized" balance between hops and grains and the beer itself ended up becoming an...
  3. WollenBrew

    Any kit recomendations for a Scottish Wee Heavy Ale has a good Scottish Wee Heavy. One key is to be patient. The yeast that shipped with this was the Nottingham and during the time that I brewed it was when everyone was having problems with it. However, I went ahead with the Notty, didn't have any active fermentation for over...
  4. WollenBrew

    "Dirt" Taste?

    I've noticed that using Safale S-33 and Danstar Nottingham dry yeasts impart an "earthy" flavor to the beers that I've used them in. It's to the point where I am considering using US-05 in everything I do except for Belgian styles. I honestly don't enjoy it at all.
  5. WollenBrew

    Question about Infections & Bottling

    @Revvy - I really appreciate your post and I understand completely what you're saying. That was kind of my point with this thread. At bottling time... we're dealing with alcohol at a minimum of 3% by volume (in most cases and in many case much higher 5 to 9% if you're doing bigger beers). So...
  6. WollenBrew

    Question about Infections & Bottling

    This may seem like a dumb question, but I've been thinking about this and I'm curious: What types of infections are possible at bottling time? Consider this: If we're dealing with beer at the time we're bottling, that means we have some type of alcohol that's probably higher than 3%. With...
  7. WollenBrew

    Another fermentation chamber

    This may seem like a dumb question, but are you getting your temp (below 30) without a Johnson controller? If so, do you actually need one? I ask because I have a larger (40" tall or so) dorm size fridge and I plan on converting it to a fermentation chamber for lagering. When I turn the temp all...
  8. WollenBrew

    Imperial Stout Blowout Question

    Interesting... however, I did aerate the wort for about 40 minutes before pitching. I've noticed that if I get good aeration, I tend to get more vigorous fermentation at the beginning. And, believe it or not, all from US-04 dry yeast, soaked in water (boiled and cooled prior to introducing the...
  9. WollenBrew

    Imperial Stout Blowout Question

    Thanks for the replies, gentlemen. The vote is don't water it down and so it shall be. The fermentation has slowed down finally and it looks like I have 4 gallons of fermenting wort. Room temp is just under 60 degrees, so fermentation temp is probably about 65 degrees, I'd guess. We'll see how...
  10. WollenBrew

    Imperial Stout Blowout Question

    Brewed Northernbrewer's Imperial Stout on Monday night. Woke up this morning and went to take a look and unbelievably, the blow-off tube had... blown off. Fortunately, not a huge mess, just kind of a slow foamy volcano kind of thing coming out of the top and running down the sides. However, this...
  11. WollenBrew

    had an explosion

    @OP - For the record, I did the Northernbrewer Dark Cherry Stout and went ahead and used a blowoff tube into a bucket of sanitizer. I had a really vigorous fermentation which resulted in a loss of about .5 gallon of the brew. I can't even imagine what would have happened if I had used a simple...
  12. WollenBrew

    Wort Chilling Without Ice and Without a Chiller

    Okay, well, I've been doing something that I haven't seen mentioned in the forums. Of course, I haven't really looked that hard, either. After my first brew session, I tried to chill my wort with a sink full of ice. Complete and utter failure. 1) Not enough ice from the ol' icerator in the...
  13. WollenBrew

    had an explosion

    Airlock=irrelevant. Trust your hydrometer. No airlock activity really doesn't mean much. The yeasties are still doing their job and you should just leave it alone.
  14. WollenBrew

    How many gallons of EdWort's Haus Pale Ale have been made?

    Bottled a week ago 2600.45 + 5 = 2605.45
  15. WollenBrew

    Cherry Stout Boil Question

    @BeerCigars - will do. BTW, do you get to Churchill's a lot? I really enjoy their selection.
  16. WollenBrew

    Cherry Stout Boil Question

    Zoiks! Came home today and the Dark Cherry Stout (which, btw had started bubbling 30 min. after I had pitched the yeast) had blown roughly a half gallon of the wort through the blow off tube into my overflow bucket (which was about half full of sanitizer). Anyway, the damn thing was nearly full...
  17. WollenBrew

    Cherry Stout Boil Question

    @BeerCigars - hey hey hey... Go Cats! :) Thanks for the advice. Yeah, after about my third brew, I realized that the kit had a bit more detail on it than the instructions did. And... even better... here in this forum I've found a lot of great advice on this type of thing as well. The stout...
  18. WollenBrew

    Cherry Stout Boil Question

    @jackson d - cool... we have a population of around 50k so even with an initial it's tough to pinpoint. Does he brew? We have a local brew club here and if he brews he may be a member. :)
  19. WollenBrew

    Cherry Stout Boil Question

    30 min. into the Dark Cherry Stout boil... any thoughts on names? Right now, I'm thinking along the lines of "Pop Your Dark Cherry Stout"
  20. WollenBrew

    PSA - (carboy handle disaster)

    +1 on all answers. Probably ought to have this thread as a broken carboy thread. I haven't personally broken one, but I'm sure I've come close as my first three brew sessions resulted in me carrying the full carboy by the handle down to my basement. I was lucky. And fortunately, so has my best...